Getting Fancy

And we have videographic evidence! But first (read: youtube is taking forever), I thought I would introduce Cecil:

Cecil Loves You

Cecil Loves You

Cecil is a nine year old TB, whose last race occurred a day or two  before he arrived.  He had re-injured an old bow to the left front and needed several months of stall rest.  Because our resources are limited, our horses generally live on field board until they are in training.  But this guy happened to be one of those lucky horses owned by good people, who also provided the funding for the two months of stall rest that Cecil would need.  Right now his injured leg is kept bandaged, and his movement is being limited.  Everyone who meets him seems shocked that he’s so… mellow about the whole thing.  This is a horse who was in training, racing actively, suddenly put on stall rest and moved to a strange environment with a different routine.  Given those circumstances, it does seem surprising that he has not blown a gasket.  But he’s probably one of the most content horses in the barn (helped, no doubt, by the spoiling he’s getting from other boarders, who sneak him fresh picked grass through his window.

OK, well… all that typing and youtube is still busy.  So we will have to do with a still photo instead. 


 Probably not the best photo, but we can’t have everything.  Somehow, I’m way in front of my saddle even though it felt like I wasn’t.  I mean, I felt like I waited and my leg didn’t move, but the photo doesn’t bear that out at all.  I hate watching myself ride sometimes.  My college riding coach would be beating me right now, if she were within arm’s reach.  In any case, we did the crossrail a few times in each direction.  Her first time over was a little awkward, but she figured it out the next few times. 

Oh Goody! Videos are done.

I call this one “The Hunchback of Notre Dame Goes Riding

Hopping X-Rail to the left:

Magical Mare:

‘Til next time!

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