A Golden Ray of Sunshine

 Next up in the parade of misfits to beauties is a lovely chestnut named “Brassy Self”  This horse was listed on our trainer listings a while back along with a bunch of other horses.  We of course had limited time and had to take most of the photos out in the field.  To add insult to injury, our volunteer listed fourteen horses just from that farm that day.  And as sometimes happens on the farms, the person showing her around mis-identified a few of the horses (this doesn’t happen very often at the track, but sometimes does on the farms, where the horses are not in numbered stalls and there are a lot of them!).  So some of the pictures got mislabelled and it took a little bit to get that sorted out.  In any case, here’s the only photo we were able to get of the really nice “Brassy Self”:

Cute, but not a lot to go on in this picture!

Cute, but not a lot to go on in this picture!

For some reason, on the farm, getting horses stood up for us seems to be difficult. Some trainers and owners are happy too, and will even brush them off and give us cookies and milk (true story – my first farm visit ever involved cookies and milk. And I got to play with cute TB foals – win!) but a lot of the time they have to get back to the track or are in the middle of other work, so we have even less time to get photos than we would at the track.  The result? A lot of pictures like this.  We know the horses are lovely, but it’s hard to explain to the rest of the world.

So anyway, what has this handsome guy been up to? Learning to event, of course!  He found his way to Katie Willis at Top Notch Eventing in Virginia, where he’s now on their sale page, showing off a lovely jump and nice forward going attitude.  Here he is schooling in Aiken:

This jumping thing is easy peasy!

There are some other fantastic photos and video on Top Notch’s sale page – go take a look! This guy sure looks great!


5 responses to “A Golden Ray of Sunshine

  1. He looks fantastic! I’m loving these follow up posts. Whenever I check out the trainer listings for our local TB track I always wonder about the horses and what they’re doing now.

  2. I bought Brassy Self from Katie, and he is gorgeous and becoming a real character. He’s fatter, glossy, happy, and sassy. He loves his new life in Ontario, and will be my all-around horse. Sorry he had a wretched period in his life, but that’s all changed for him. We have to work on not spoiling him! Wonder how old he was when this first picture was taken….

  3. December 2014 – I have had Brassy Self, who is Foster to me, for a year and a half now, and he’s so wonderful. With good health and exercise and entertainment, he is rascally sometimes – can have his evil redhead moments, and then right back to calm and dependable! The evil redhead moments keep me on my toes though 🙂 He fractured his pedal bone in June ’14, so stall rest for 4 1/2 months – which he loved. Totally chill. Now back in work for all the flat work we want, and we’ll start jumping again in the new year. No need to rush. He is the BEST jumper ever – smooth no matter what the distance – sees the distance for himself. My job is a quality canter, he does the rest. Never ever stops. Totally confident. Amazing rhythm – from take off to landing. Born in him. Could be a winning show hunter, but I like eventing so we’ll show just to hone our stadium skills. Wish I could post a photo!

  4. change the server address to: passport.ca
    Allie, we have changed coaches, and he is going totally amazing. Jumps so beautifully, is maturing, really learning to carry himself, and so much less tom-foolery. My confidence, and his, has really changed our partnership. He never ever says no, hardly shies, can be lazy (galloping and I want to stop? Just sit up…. walk….!) and is sound. Glossy, glossy, glossy…. how can I post a photo??

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