Funny Farm Update

Because yesterday was the rainiest day in recent memory, I sort of uncharacteristically took the day off.  Didn’t even SEE a horse yesterday, just slept in, ate a huge pancake breakfast, and didn’t do ANYTHING.  Which leaves me feeling sort of like I have to make that up the next day, so today I may have OD’ed on horses, if that’s at all possible.

First I went out to the layup farm to visit the horses there.  I bought them some new brushes, flyspray, wound care goo, and a box of treats.  I also had a mission- with so many horses on the farm, it’s time to get them photographed and listed on the website, so I had a list of horses to take pictures of.  This turned out to be harder than I anticipated, partly because I’m not sure who’s who out there, and partly… well, anyone who has tried to take a “nice” picture of a horse without help surely understands. 

There was lots of “no! whoa! stand!” moments, and lots of photos where a suddenly turned head created a horse that looked like a moose, or a stomped foot ruined a perfectly good picture.  And on the grooming front, I learned who would stand for flyspray and who would try to drag me across a thirty foot field.  I had big dreams of hopping on Wek for a little spin, to see how she’d do, but apparently her quiet demeanor the last time I saw her was largely because she had company.  On her own, outside the field, she got a little snorty and spooky, so I decided to wait until there is at least someone there with me.  But all in all, it was quite productive, I got flyspray on most of the horses, and SWAT on wounds and flybites.  And really, they’re quite fun to spend time with. 

"Whisper"- one of my favorites out at the farm.  Such a sweet boy!

That’s “Whisper”- a gorgeous boy whose track career ended when he fractured a hind leg.  He was nursed back to health and cared for by a track worker who was very attached to him, but he unfortunately had to send him back recently.  Whisper is the kind of horse who just loves some quiet attention, and is also fond of popcorn.

The boys hit the swimming hole

The boys hit the swimming hole

No, I will not put my ears up for you

No, I will not put my ears up for you

Silly horses.  After leaving I went and rode Rosey, who is getting better and better each time I get on her.  She’s getting much more consistent, able to hold herself for longer periods of time.  She’s turning into one of the nicest horses I’ve ever ridden.  And, Um, yes, I need to pick up my hands a little.  I worked on that today, promise!
Fancy Lady

Fancy Lady

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  1. She is SOOOO cute!

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