Rosey Untangles Her Legs

Last night we had a fabulous ride.

Liza has been doing some great things for this horse, I think.  I found, last night, that Rosey has gone beyond the “stretching to the bit” phase and arrived at the “learning to go round” phase.  When I was good with my contact, she actually lengthened stride and arched her neck into the bit.  I remember when Klondike got to that phase, and how fancy he looked, so I can only imagine Rose looks SUPER-fancy in comparison to her first few rides. 

Her canter transitions are getting better and better.  Of course, especially travelling to the right, I have got to remember that the outside rein is more important.  Otherwise on a circle she starts to drift out and pop her shoulder. 

Probably the biggest success of the night was related to jumping.  She’s jumped before, as I’ve talked about here, but she seemed to have some confusion about jumps of a certain height, or trotting jumps.  Trotting to a jump, her way of dealing with it was to stop, then step over, then resume trotting on the other side.  It just seemed like a lot for her to coordinate, and she didn’t quite “get” the idea. 

A session of free jumping, and a couple Liza-rides later, and the lightbulb has turned on.  We trotted up to a crossrail last night, and the first time was a little shaky.  She gave sort of a half-hop over it, landing cantering in front and trotting behind.  Remembering what Liza had told me about horses like her- to always, always GO away from the jump- I kicked her up into a real canter and cantered the turn.  On landing, it was like she was asking a question… “is…. this what you want?” and I hope I answered with an enthusiastic and positive, “yes, but more!”

I think I did OK, because on the next approach, she focused on the jump, increased her energy on the way to it (but not her speed- yay! I love that feeling!), and actually jumped it, landing in the canter with all four legs.  We repeated that a few times, and then she got loads of pats and hugs and kisses for being so excellent. 

The word from observers is that she jumps very cute- knees up, straight, adorable.  Hopefully we will have some new photos soon!

2 responses to “Rosey Untangles Her Legs

  1. I can so picture that. Yep cantering away is the best thing to do and eventually the realize wait I can actually jump. I really need to come and visit so I can meet Rosie. Any plans for upcoming shows?

  2. I enjoy reading your progression with Rosie. Please email me so I could come and visit. Better yet please give me your number so I can call, as I have additional questions. Thank you and enjoy!!

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