Picture Of The Day…

Rain… rain… more rain.  Last night I slipped in the mud going into my house and ended up landing knee first on the concrete step.  Ow.  The fields are mucky messes, and poor Archie’s seems to be the worst.  He seems to be out of the woods with whatever was bothering him, and is back to his professional hay eating job.  But because of the weather, I cancelled my Charles Town trip (few people are around in bad weather, few horses working, so it usually doesn’t really get us anywhere) and then cancelled showing horses to people out at Funny Farm. 

So my weekend was a delightful several days of doing very little 🙂  Other than dragging Archie in for a temp check and electrolytes, there is nothing to report.  So why do a blog entry today?  Because one of our volunteers did go to Laurel, and snagged this adorable pic that makes me laugh, and I wanted to share it:

I love my goat!

I love track goats.  My boyfriend came with me once to Charles Town, and was insanely amused by the fact that some racehorses have Pet Goats.  Apparently this particular goat was getting into all the photos, sort of like the cloven-hooved (and much shorter) version of our Mikey.

So – that’s all!  Archie will be back under saddle Tuesday evening so there will be more to report later in the week.  I also have several people interested in several different horses out in Adamstown, so hopefully will be able to figure out a schedule for getting them seen 🙂

(also, just FYI – will have several new horses being listed on the Laurel section of the website tomorrow! Just couldn’t get to it today.  Some really nice horses who were at the mercy of terrible photo conditions due to the rain – but hubba hubba! If you are looking for H/J type prospects there’s a couple nice ones!)

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