Best Laid Plans

The plan last night was: ride with Laura and Archie in a blissfully empty ring while listening to bagpipe music, and take some video of Archie being awesome.

The reality of last night was: copious amounts of liquid poo, erupting from Archie’s back end like a biological weapon.

A week and a day after his colic episode, Archie now has the squirts.  Not the mild “spring grass” cow patty squirts but the kind that is mostly liquid and holds no form, and covers their back legs.  Fortunately there is no fever to go along with it, and pretty much everything else was normal last night.  So we scrubbed his rear end off (so I would have an idea in the morning how bad it was overnight) and made a point of monitering.

This morning I found myself knee deep in mud (er, mostly mud. I think), trying to take a temp and see how he was doing.  The good news is I think the squirts abated a bit over night – the amount of mess on his hind legs was much less than yesterday, and he was still showing no fever or other major issues besides some dehydration (which I would expect, honestly).

I gave him some water with electrolytes, and he sucked it down very quickly.  In the process, his nose started gooing copious amounts of snot – not the really bad kind of white or yellow snot, but still semi-clear snot, except a river of it, like someone turned the hose on in his sinuses.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen a lot of gross stuff in my life.

So now we have him under surveillance, and the vet’s been notified. Another fun day in Mudville. 🙂


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