Cane’s Palace had ride #2 last night.  And in conversation with some friends, we decided (I think) to call her “Candace,” rather than “Candi” – it just seems a little more “her,” although I still don’t know her very well and am sure nicknames will evolve as we get to know her a bit better.

During her first few rides, Candace felt a little slow (who’s kidding, she felt a LOT slow), but she will get better with a few more rides.  She also feels a little hinky here and there, but I’ve come to expect that with the horses coming in off of turnout.  It’s pretty common, really, so I don’t worry too much.  Here’s a video of an initial ride so you can see what I’m talking about:

(direct link: if you need it!)

Since that ride, she’s had her feet done, which should help her want to move forward more.  She’ll also get scheduled for her teeth in the next week or two.  

In the meantime I have to find an old stirrup leather for a neck strap, heh.  The whole time I was riding her I just had to keep reminding myself to grab mane.  She’s so pokey that when she DOES go forward, I definitely don’t want to accidentally catch her in the mouth!

It’s sort of sad that the weather is nasty – it’s snowing today and I’m sure more is coming.  I think some trail rides and long, slow, hillwork is in order, but the ground is either hard or slick right now, depending on where you are.

In other news, I got out to visit the horses out at Happy Hill last week, and was happy to see another new face.  Newly added to the herd is a lovely 16 h+ chestnut gelding from the same folks who sent us Palmer (Palmer, by the way, was snapped up quickly and is beginning an eventing career with a wonderful young professional, so we are absolutely delighted about that!)  New guy didn’t want much in the way of attention – he came right up but gave up on me when it was clear I didn’t have anything and wasn’t taking him out of there.

He was a little confused about being out in the snow, but adjusting quite well.  He’s also very, very handsome, and I suspect has TONS of potential.

After meeting the new guy it was off to visit Indy’s Chic over in the other field.  Indy came back to us from Jess’s, where she went out on trail rides, had some basic training, and even got to a schooling show.  She had an old injury to one of her stifles so a pleasure home will be best for her, and we brought her back so that horses who could benefit from more serious training got some time with Jess.  That all said- Indy is looking pretty sound, and hasn’t ever had a problem with her stifle (she moves one hind leg a little oddly but weights it fully and it’s never presented as lameness).  I took some video of her, of course she chose that day to get all wound up and run around like a crazy girl! 

She’s so gorgeous! After I put the camera down she trotted around more, floating around like some sort of super fancy dressage horse.  Nice to see her moving so well, even on hard, frozen, rutted ground with snow! 

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate!).  We will be back in action this week – Candace will meet the body clippers (and get a heavier blanket), and there will be lots of photos and videos posted as she gets back in shape and finds her “go” button!

4 responses to “Candace?

  1. splishsplashriding

    He is adorable!

  2. Thank you for connecting me with Canter ! I am going out to look at a horse in the next couple of weeks. Thank you, looking for a horse is a very difficult task and Canter was so very helpfull in listening to what I needed.

  3. She looks so cute. Can’t wait to see the with shoes on video!

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