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There’s A Light In His Eye

So I was going through the photos from Leo’s photo session last night, and in between my thoughts about his conformation and such, I couldn’t help but keep noticing that he really has something special.  ‘Yeah yeah yeah, we KNOW! You keep saying that!’ says everyone and anyone I’ve talked to about this guy, but really.  I mean it.  He has some very noticeable conformational flaws, but he doesn’t appear to know it, and it seems like in every picture, his eyes just have this great spark and his expression is that of a horse who wants to do great things.

First, a series of conformation shots.  Of course, taking them by myself is hard and it was difficult to get him in the right position, but you get the idea. 

leo - 01

leo - 05

He kills me.  The face is just the cutest thing ever.  Of course, I’m biased because whenever I see him I usually get to spend about ten minutes just cuddling his head – he loves that.  In any case, in motion, as I mentioned yesterday, he’s actually pretty cute, and so proud of himself!

Look at me go!!!!

leo - 09

leo - 07

He’s so perky.  I can’t wait for his foot to be better from his abscess, because I think he wants to go for rides.  This horse is going to be so much  better than people might think… mark my words!  🙂