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I Think She’s Going to Have to Stay

Because I like her.  It is not Klondike-love, but she’s a very cool and sweet and lovely little thing, isn’t she?

I bring you loooooove!

I bring you loooooove!

Oh dear… from that angle she is seriously the most adorable thing on four legs, isn’t she?  (and, note to potential buyers, if you’re walking, and collapse onto her neck to hug her, she stops.  It’s a wonderful built-in emergency brake. Just FYI)

I don’t have much that is new or important today, but I rode her around a little seeing as her foot seems to feel better, and she is a wonderful little lady despite her physical shortcomings.  Not that her issues are huge- she just doesn’t have a lot of muscle or flexibility.  So I think with some work she will go from “cute” to “hey, who’s that sexy lady?”


Soon to be hunter? 🙂

It’s nice to have someone there to take pictures.  Today’s photographer was Allie, who fortunately came cantering up the driveway just in time to get evidence of our ride.  She is also videographer extraordinaire, and took a few.  It’s interesting watching myself ride on video.  I have a tendency to focus far more on my equitation shortcomings than most people do- probably because of the many years in Big Eq Wannabe Land.  In any case, it’s very easy when riding to think that a horse might be slightly fussy with the bit, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, that a horse is stretching out and down.  Then I see the video, and realize some of that (both the “good” and the “bad”) may have simply been a reaction to my hands.  They’re a little unsteady in some spots, and a little not-following in others. 

And my leg… oy.  Really need to get a grip with the lower leg, and not so much the knee.  Fortunately at this point, it’s not bugging her that much because she doesn’t really know any better.  But I am a believer that horses tend to go how they’re ridden. So if you ride them right, they’ll go right.  I really think there are physiological reasons why good riding is good- so I think the next few rides I have will be spent focusing on those basics within me, instead of even trying to teach her anything (of course, she may improve and learn just by virtue of me riding a little better, too).   In any case, video:

But holy heck she’s cute.  hehe. 🙂