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I Finally Have to Ask…

Why is Rosey still here?

I don’t understand.  OK, well I do understand that the folks who tried her out really liked her, but it just wasn’t quite right for them.  But when I look at her, I see a seriously fancy little horse.  She has a good stride and pretty movement despite toeing out on the right front.  She has a great jump now that she’s learning how.  She’s got the best brain and disposition of any mare that I’ve ever ridden, and I’ve ridden some nice mares.  She may be one of the very best horses I’ve ever ridden, period. 

After the first week with her passed, I was sort of amazed that she was still here, and now that it’s been a bit longer, I’m getting sort of mystified.  People, really, she’s FABULOUS!

In other news, there has not been much riding this week- I have made another trip out to the “funny farm” and introduced a potential new volunteer to the horses out there. We did some soundness checks on a few of the horses to see who would be “next” into the retraining part of the program.  Bid is looking ok, but a little off on a foot he had a huge abscess in a little while back.  Whisper, surprisingly, looked pretty good behind (he had a condylar fracture in a hind leg), and was happy to move around and go.  A few months ago he was hesitant about walking very far.  He seems to be getting a more confident personality, too, with his increased soundness.  Hopefully he will be ready for some light trail riding soon (I expect he will be thrilled with that, he seems like a very eager to please kind of horse).

Rosey is getting some pampering this weekend- Saturday she will be receiving a massage, and Sunday she will be getting a new set of shoes.