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A Little Vacation

So, at last, Rosey-ness is back in town, but is out at the Funny Farm to get a little break from hustle and bustle.  She ate up some love from some volunteers over the weekend and seemed happy as could be even in a strange new place. 

In the meantime back at the ranch, there are two horses getting worked with in hopes of preparing them for adoption.  Darling baby Afton is one, and has already had one potential buyer come to look.  Another is the adorable Stephen Colbert, who is mostly being trail ridden to strengthen him up.  Stephen seems much more body sore than Afton and some of the other guys, so he’s getting introduced to real life very carefully. 

No worried, pictures soon!

While you wait, though, here’s a fantastic story from the Baltimore Sun:



The Rest of the Story

It’s Here!  The complete Washington Post article is out! 

I haven’t ridden much this week, besides the Monday Mosey.  Last night, I concentrated on giving some attention to “Cecil,” a new guy who came in with a bowed tendon.  Owned by some awesome people, they also sent along enough money to cover the two months of stall rest he’d need before getting turn out. 

Also upcoming, I’m determined to get “Wek” the credit she deserves.  She’s been on our website for what seems like forever- a big knee and some weakness behind seems to be creating a certain lack of interest.  But when I went to see her the other day, I realized she’s grown.  And she’s not just big (read: needs a diet) but she’s pretty fabulous and quiet.  So if I can figure out how to cram more into my days, you will soon be getting Wek reports as well as Rosey-rundowns.

And, well, since there’s not much more to say today, I’ll close with the best description of Rose ever:

“Rosey, a thoroughbred, canters through a left-hand turn like, well, a thoroughbred: head high, eyes proud, locomotive haunches driving ballerina legs.”

Yep… that’s our girl 🙂  Thanks WaPo!

updated to add:  now you get our super-duper-extra-sized thanks, WaPo, for putting the CANTER story on the FRONT page of your website!  We’re in front of the election coverage!

Rosie gets Famous-er

On video, from the Washington Post

I will have more later, right now, have to get ready for work! 🙂