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Back in Action


Sorry about all the down time on Rosey’s blog.  A lot’s been going on in my world lately, so something was bound to get neglected.  In any case, we’re not that much advanced from where we left off.  Rosey came up a little lame over the last week, a frustrating and sort of mysterious thing, and then, when it was her day to go to Loch Moy for some more public exposure, her hock and lower leg turned out to be quite swollen.  While my immediate reaction was “nooo! broken horse! not fair with people coming to look at you this week!!!!” it turns out to not be the really big deal I was worried about.

That nasty scrape she took to her right hind? It turns out it was right over some lymph nodes, and while the injury itself wasn’t that severe, there was some infection.  The antibiotics we gave her at first were probably not strong enough to do the job, and so there you go.

A few days on the new regimen, and life is much better.  Swelling is all but gone, and we rode last night and she felt pretty good.  She still has someone coming to look tomorrow (wish her luck!)

As for our ride last night, it went very well.  I wanted to concentrate on me, so I spent the entire ride screaming to myself (in my head) to LOOK WHERE I AM GOING!!! I have a very nasty happen of looking at the horse’s head when I ride.  On the flat, it’s as if I can mentally push the horse’s head down by putting my OWN head down.  Over fences, it’s just a disastrous habit, as most people know.  So around we went, with me LOOKING UP! and not at her head.

The next thing to scream about was my hands.  My horrible, too low and attached-to- too-straight arms hands.  Elbows bent, elbows bent, wrists straight, elbows bent. 

And then there’s the real killer.  It’s called “straight.”  As in, hips and shoulders level, and legs equally placed on both sides.  My tendency is to collapse the left side while leading with the left shoulder while simultaneously sitting deeper in my right hip and leg, regardless of which direction I’m headed in.  This is a pretty difficult thing to fix- when I am actually sitting straight, it feels drastically not-straight.  Like, really badly not-straight.  Like I might fall off to the other side not-straight.  It’s sort of alarming.

Nonetheless, in a miraculous way, when I manage to get all those things put together, Rosey responds quite beautifully and goes really well (I wonder why, heh!).  I always say to myself that it’s not about “training” the horse, so much as it is just “riding right,” since riding right makes the right things much easier for the horse to do.  But actually DOING that is far more difficult than just saying it.