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Magical New Shoes

You know, if someone was getting me pedicures and buying me a pair of fancy new shoes every several weeks, that made me walk like a supermodel, I’d love it.  Rose, on the other hand, is not quite so appreciative. 

Rose was pretty sound when she arrived, but over the course of her first couple days in group turnout, where she had to convince her new herd of her superiority, she got a little footsore.  Probably the biggest cause of the problem was an old abscess site on her right front.  It had blown out near her heel, and as her hoof grew down, it left a little crack there.  The pressure of playing hard on hard ground finally caused it to give way along that crack, which left her feeling a little gimpy when she was on gravel or uneven footing.  It also left her foot quite asymmetrical, throwing off her balance a little bit.

So last night was pedicure-and-designer-hoofwear night for little Rosey.  You would think she would luxuriate in this kind of attention, but Rosey may not have had the best history with shoeing.  The last time she had shoes put on, they were too small, and tacked to too-long feet.  They probably didn’t make her feel too good.  In all likelihood, she was given tranquilizers in the past to have her feet done, so she likely never was even asked to stand for the farrier.

Our farrier has experienced the joy that is Rosey already- when her track shoes were pulled and she needed a trim.  That day did not go well, so we went into new-shoes night with a little bit of caution.  So, knowing all that background, I have to say for the most part, Rose was actually pretty good.  She tried to snatch her foot away from the farrier a few times, but had both fronts on before she lost patience and started to get very upset.

She did end up receiving a little bit of chemical help to get the finish work done and hinds trimmed, but all in all she is learning the rules, and will likely be better next time.  I’m sure Allie will expand on the “learning the rules” issues, as she has a ton of interesting stuff to say on the subject.

I’ll probably have a riding report tomorrow night, it will be my second time on her so I’m excited about it.  All I can say so far is that she’s very smooth, very responsive to weight/seat/balance aids for “whoa,” and seems pretty awesomely smart.  She responds much better to leg (the kind meaning “move over”) than Klondike did when he arrived, so I’m thinking she’ll be going very well very quickly.  More photos and video coming soon!