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OH NOES!!!!!

Yes, I’m a cheezburger addict.  In any case, I feel this one is appropriate:


Yes, it was with that sense of horror that I realized over the weekend that Miss Priss is… well, lame.  It appears she is cooking an abscess in her right front (the one that she abscessed in months ago, resulting in the crack in her heel buttress).  She is, however, taking her sweet time with it.  There’s not much heat in there that I can find, but it is “that” kind of lameness, so we’re treating it as an abscess in the works.

Last night I figured I would soak said tootsy with some epsom salts, not really knowing how that would go.  I’m pretty sure Allie has done it with her before, but hadn’t called to ask, so I just plunged ahead with my plans.  Rosey greeted me with a lot of enthusiasm, thinking I was finally taking her out to hang with her posse in field number 7.  Her expression when I took her to the wash stall was pretty plain… “really?  For real?  You seriously are not taking me out to have girls’ night in the back forty? Do I at least get a margarita?”

She tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrows… well, she would have if she actually had eyebrows to raise, anyway.  She stood at the door for a minute, then heaved a great sigh and came in the Wash Stall of Doom, clearly not enthused about whatever dumb thing it was that I had in mind.



 We then proceeded with the foot soaking.  Rose, irritated beyond belief at this pointless exercise, decided to at least entertain herself, figuring (correctly) that it would drive me batty if she kept picking up her right foot and hovering it over the water, without actually putting it in.  At first, I thought this was out of daintiness, or maybe that she didn’t understand what I wanted her to do.  But then I started to realize that she knew every time she did that, I’d make a fuss, and she seemed to enjoy that.  When the novelty of that wore, off, she started walking forward and back with her other foot.  Hanging onto the lead rope, I was all, “no! put that foot back! no, bring it forward! Ack, what are you doing?!?”  When she tired of that game, she figured the easiest thing to do was just to put that foot in the bucket too, and she gave up and stood there like a good girl for about fifteen minutes.  She just wanted to make sure I understood that she found the whole idea really, really silly. (note: that’s not her in the picture, but it is an exact mirror of her expression, heh)

In other news from the weekend, Rose has shown herself to be a master of the concept “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”  I was letting her eat some grass after a bath on Saturday, when suddenly she was on the ground.  Usually when horses go down to roll, I notice what they’re up to and am able to put a stop to it (not while on the lead line, silly pony!).  Not so with Rose.  She was down and rolling on her back in the blink of an eye.  She’s quite athletic, and can roll completely over.  I somehow managed to keep the lead out of the way of her feet and she was back up as quickly as she had gone down.  Really, it was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.  Since a repeat performance is likely, I’ll make sure never to handle her without a camera in my pocket ever again!