Time Flies! ROLEX 2012!!!!!


I have woken from my seeming hibernation to at least write a bit about Rolex 2012 since I am not actually there.  For starters, once again, CANTER Mid Atlantic will be presenting an award for top ex-racehorse in the competition.  This year we have OODLES of TBs in the mix – horses that raced and failed, horses who raced and did great with six figure earnings, and some that were bred to race but never did.

For the whole list, see this here blog entry by Allie over at the Chronicle site.

Most of the horses on that list are horses we’ve profiled here over the last several years, with a couple new names 🙂

One of the interesting things this year is that the focus on ex-racehorses and their accomplishments is crazy this time around.  Multiple groups and sites are watching and blogging about them, including the Retired Racehorse Training Project, headed up by MD horseman Steuart Pittman. There are also numerous OTTB events happening AT Rolex, headed up by the folks at New Vocations (check out “Thoroughbreds for All!” on their site). It’s like a renaissance, ex racehorses are EVERYWHERE THESE DAYS!  I’m going to be blunt – I think this is awesome, and the focus is well deserved!  But I’m sort of scratching my head too – we’ve been saying this stuff for years, and doing training blogs, pointing out the OTTBs in competition, researching our butts off to find what horses are representing us in high level competition, etc. So have various other groups dedicated to the cause.  But for some reason it’s only now REALLY getting huge.  I guess good things take time?  But certainly people can’t still be surprised by how awesome these horses are, right?

Apparently so. haha!

Anyway, as of now, looks like our award leader is the wonderful, beautiful, fantastic Courageous Comet, who is sitting in third place after dressage.  Of course… lots of horses still to come! Stay tuned!


One response to “Time Flies! ROLEX 2012!!!!!

  1. I credit the economy. Thoroughbreds were The Thing To Have before I started riding…. but then The Other Thing came along, and it was suddenly “in” to have a warmblood, especially an imported one.
    Within eventing circles, TBs were always in style, but since when have eventers been the bastion of style? But now, there are warmbloods everywhere, folks have started to realize they’re not all so wonderful, and then they see these horses who cost 1/10 or less of their horse originally… and these horses win anyway. With a lousy economy and folks not wanting to spend a huge amount of money, suddenly a TB looks great!
    Disclaimer: I post this as someone who paid decent money for a fabulous and talented TB who had already had sa fair amount of retraining and therefore was at a higher price tag than one straight off the track.

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