Fundraiser Fun!

Two quickies for you all!

First: There is a fantastic ebay auction happening RIGHT NOW for a Haskell Invitational Saddle Cloth, to benefit Hey Byrn!  Bidding is currently at $98 and you know it goes to a good cause!  Only about 5 hours left so head over and bid away for a nice piece of racing memorabilia! 

Second:  We are in the late planning stages for a really cool new event starting this year, a motorcycle poker run on September 10.  The ride will be about 100 miles, and riders collect cards along the way and win prizes for the best poker hand when they arrive at the end.  Start is in Charles Town, WV, and ends up in beautiful Virginia.  More information and registration will be on our website soon!  Kind of thinking “Harleys for Horses” has a nice ring to it!  This event is being planned by one of our AMAZING Charles Town volunteers, Trina.  Thanks, Trina! Yay!


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