Why Yes, I Am Alive!

Really!  I think since I’ve last posted I’ve been in a bit of a funk, so haven’t written here much even though things are (as always) going on and life is pretty busy. 

Not having to worry about keeping a horse ridden/shod/fed means that I’ve been able to spend time doing things like… organizing donations!  Hooray! I have a whole room full of stuff (I wish I was kidding) that has been donated to us in years past, some of which we can use and needs to go to the appropriate people, and some of which we can’t (and needs to go on ebay).  I’m just about done putting everything in the appropriate piles, and should have an ebay list soon! 

Keeping up with the listings has been quite a thing lately – two farms are having reduction/dispersal sales, and while one is largely taken care of (most sold quickly), the second has a large number of broodmares and young unregistered stock.  If you’re looking for a good deal (especially if you don’t care about papers!) head over to the Charles Town section of our listing pages – there are bunches of horses available for $600 and under.  🙂

Of course, I still have about eight horses to add, and have to make some serious time this week to call trainers for updates.  We have well over 100 horses listed from Charles Town right now, so I’m sure there are some! Well, I’m hoping, at least.  With so many horses on there, if you are looking, make sure to check pages 2 and 3 of that section – the large number of horses recently added has pushed a lot of others onto those other pages, and there’s plenty of good horses there that I know are still available!

In other news, trying to get organized for our fundraising teams to get rolling as well – if you’re waiting for an email or further info on that, please sit tight! I’m getting to it, really! *grin*

I’ve even managed to make a few trips out to Happy Horse Acres to visit everybody, spending some quality time with Rainbow, who learned how to lunge despite being utterly distracted because she couldn’t see her favorite buddy from the ring, and with The Dude, who is slowly but surely making some progress, and is about the sweetest horse ever.  He’s also showing a lot more curiousity about stuff now – trying to investigate the whole farm and check everything out when I bring him out.  At some point this week, I might have those pictures up and everything (though don’t count on it, we have a hugely busy week ahead!)

I’m still missing a certain redhead mare quite a bit.  It feels strange to come up the driveway and not see her in the field, or walk out to hear her nicker at me.  All for the best, I know.  And it seems like she’s doing quite nicely – today Allie posted a video on youtube of her and Hurry schooling XC:

(link if you need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYPpNPLg0VQ – hoping I got that URL right!)

I miss her so much. :/

But back on track, with other news… This Sunday, Southwind Farm in Damascus is hosting its first ever Combined Test, and we are expecting a decent turnout.  Somehow, CANTER got put in charge of the food (they know we have a lot of good cooks on board, I guess!), so that means that later this week will be spent getting supplies and griddles and everything all in order, and hopefully we’ll be able to pump out a few tasty breakfast sandwiches 🙂  Even if you’re not riding, feel free to stop by, we love to chat! Unfortunately, we will not have horses available to show/tell about, but I will have some listings with me for folks to look through, and maybe some of the “ebay pile” stuff for sale 🙂



2 responses to “Why Yes, I Am Alive!

  1. Hi,
    are you going to get another horse to work with?
    Thank you for doing all the work to help save all these beautiful horses.

  2. Not for now 😦 Being preggers and planning an upcoming move means it’s a really bad time for a project. And since I’m “high risk” and have some other minor issues, riding is actually painful right now, and I won’t be doing it again probably until next spring :*( Besides, there’s all kinds of stuff going on at CANTER to keep me busy without the added work of a horse right now 🙂 (kind of nice to not be worrying about dentist and vet and farrier and schedules and coordinating with trainers for guidance!)

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