Last Rides

Yesterday morning I got Cadence from her field, gave her an early breakfast, and about an hour and a half of hand grazing before bundling her onto the trailer for her trip to North Carolina.  I am still feeling a little sorry for myself, and anxious about her being so far away,  even though I know she’s in the most amazing hands possible.

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Yes, I see those ribs, they have been a constant source of frustration, and another reason we decided on a change of venue.  But all in all, she has slicked out, matured, and put on tons of muscle.  I can’t wait to see her in another few weeks with riding from Suzanney and some more weight on.  But damn, driving into the farm and not seeing her there is a little bit of a kick in the gut!

I promise to stop whining about this, but not until tomorrow 🙂

Prior to her leaving, we had some great last rides.  Saturday we worked largely on lateral work and transitions within the trot (trot normal! trot reeeeally slooooow! big trot!) which was surprisingly hard work.  But working in the indoor and using the mirrors, it’s very educational to work on that stuff and watch different muscle groups engage.  She still puts on a bit of an act about contact and lateral work… I caaaan’t!  It’s haaaaard!  That makes me laugh a little bit, especially because I know she can do it.   And of course, when I giggle, say, “come on, you know how to do this, nerd,” and sat up a bit, suddenly everything got easier. 

Sunday we didn’t really work very hard – I let her stretch out, and roll forward at a very nice forward trot and canter (even enjoying something that almost felt like a hand gallop, though the rhythm of her feet on the ground never changed.. man I love that about her!).  Then we jumped a little jump (three trot poles to a vertical).  She was perfectly willing, eager, and forward, and for about the first time I had no sense of rightward drift on the approach or landing (though perhaps, just perhaps, I was sitting straight? haha).

I’m going to miss riding her a ton – she’s just one of those horses that feels like a perfect fit.  Those of you down in NC – GO CHECK HER OUT! she is the best possible horse in the whole world, you won’t regret it. 🙂

In other news, I am going to be keeping busy by refocusing on things like fundraising and such – YAY!  I will also be visiting the funny farm to give updates on that 🙂  So there’s lots to do still, even without a riding project.

I have posted to our volunteer list that we are looking for volunteers to join and run fundraising teams – each team responsible for a fundraising effort or event, that they are totally in control of.  If you have ANY interest in that at all, or applicable skills, please email



One response to “Last Rides

  1. aww kell i know you’ll miss her but you know she’ll be spoiled rotten down here. i can’t wait to go meet her! love you!

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