Sometimes This Gig Makes Me Laugh

I got involved with CANTER largely because of a chronic inability to say “no,” coupled with a deep love of the Thoroughbred horse.  I knew Allie, and loved her organization, and any time she asked me for a favor I was happy to get involved, until I found myself going to the track all the time, riding the program horses, blogging, on the board, doing random video interviews for a local newspaper website, going to Congress, Safety and Welfare summits, and all kinds of other things that sometimes feel a bit surreal.

In much the same way I found myself in the DC studios of the NPR affiliate WAMU yesterday, talking (or trying to) about CANTER for the weekend pet call-in show.

This actually started out as one of my random surges of activity- every now and then, I find some extra energy somewhere and go on a tear of emailing and investigating things for publicity or grants or what have you, and this time NPR was on my list because I’d been listening to “The Animal House” the day before.  Oh why not?  I rattled off an email about the upcoming Triple Crown season, and how we work to find racehorses new homes, and wouldn’t that be a great topic for the show?

And this is how I found myself sitting in a radio control room, listening to another guest talking about how he invented a hand-held scanner that reads Zebras like bar codes.

I will say this – you can know a topic inside and out, backwards and forwards, and have planned out all kinds of awesome things to say, and still have your brain freeze.  Fortunately the host got me back on topic with a question about why horses like beer – he’s a smart guy! Beer I can talk about, even sort of knowledgably!  I will let go of the fact that I somehow skipped over the actual process we use to retrain the horses, and also that I let fly with memorable lines like, “some horses I would put my grandmother on. Some I would advise no one get on.”  Shame there’s no rewind button on life!

My segment should only be about 7-8 total minutes, and I’m hoping they edit my less than glorious response to the first question.  The whole way home, I was kicking myself!  So many amazing things to talk about regarding racehorse safety initiatives and statistics, and all my brain came up with was… well, it was pretty lame. 

In any case, you can listen this Saturday at noon on 88.5 in the Washington, D.C. area, or online here:  Feel free to taunt, laugh, giggle, or tell me I should never speak in public EVER again!

Next time, I think a nice bottle of Newcastle beforehand might help!

(on the horse front: Cadence is doing just fine but we are still waiting for our farrier.  In the meantime she is quite enjoying her new field along with the new neighbors!)


5 responses to “Sometimes This Gig Makes Me Laugh

  1. splishsplashriding

    I”m sure you did fantastic! :):):) You certainly aren’t the only one who leaves a conversation kicking yourself in the butt for responses to question or even comments you made. I do it almost daily!

    Ashlea and Splash

  2. See, it’s much easier to sound super-intelligent when you’re talking to yourself in the car.

  3. So clearly you’re a perfectionist! I think you should stand back and take the big-picture view: You got NPR to pick up your idea and interview you about such an important topic, and besides, I like that quote. It’s honest and from the heart.

    Besides, I don’t think most listeners like a laundry list of bullet points, as in how you’re going to get the economy back on track or something. It’s the quips people remember. And that a horse could be safe enough for grandma is a great take-away!


    • Of course I’m a perfectionist! Hahah!

      I also can’t listen to myself speak. It makes me cringe. The last time I had to do something like this I couldn’t watch it for two weeks, until enough people told me it was fine. I think I even linked it to the blog without actually watching it.

      I’m also just hoping that the edit job they do is reasonable, I had to mention some of the icky stuff, but I don’t want to focus on that, especially since I think so highly of the people we work with at the track. I’m going to be a basketcase until it’s been broadcast and over with!

  4. I listened and you were fantastic. Good Job. Thank you for all you do for these great horses

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