I gave Cadence all last week off.  Partly it was the post-Rolex funk, but as I’ve also been having a little bit of a hard time putting some good weight and bloom on her, I figured I’d just give her some time to not do any work, eat, and also get a nice little Powerpak. 

So Saturday I left the track, looking forward to riding, since I pretty much hadn’t all week (save one rather not-fun ride on my horse, who was convinced the ladder on the ground next to the shavings shed was going to eat him each time we went around the ring).  My schedule had unfortunately not stayed on track, so I missed my trip to the layup farm completely, but the sun was shining, the weather perfect, and I had just enough time to get in a good ride before the Derby.

Then, I got home.  All seemed well, till I went to get her out of the field and noticed her limping.  Hmmm.  Really?  It wasn’t the drastic, crazy sort of limp that has me saying, “oh, abscess!”  It was a little less obvious, so it took me a second to realize she had shifted one of her shoes and stepped on the clip. 


Being a fairly fresh, new shoe, there was really no getting it off by hand, and I didn’t want to make her walk all the way up the driveway on it, so I stood there like a simpleton for a few minutes, holding her mud-drenched foot with one hand, and texting the barn owner with the other.  Luckily she was able to bring down some adequate tools for the job.  Not so luckily, she was clean and dressed for a Derby party, and I did not have the proper strength/leverage to get the shoe off.  We ended up with me holding her foot up with one hand, her head with the other, while she pried at the shoe and loosened the nails while standing as far away as possible.

Once that was done, my beautiful, gorgeous riding day ended with me scrubbing and soaking, and packing and wrapping that pesky foot.

Fortunately she’s not too sore on it, so I think she’s just fine.  And as an added bonus, she moved fields, so now she has a little boyfriend on the other side of the fence.  And by little, I mean 18.2 hands of blond beefcake.  The thought of that big huge Belgian prancing to impress his new neighbor is something that will keep me giggling for a while.

In other news, have some nice track listings that just went up on the Charles Town section 🙂  Go check them out!


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