We Need YOUR Help!

Quick like bunnies!  Head to facebook, and “like” Chase Community Giving.  Then vote for us!

Sorry I don’t have links as FB is blocked from this computer.  Voting closes tomorrow, if our friends bump us up into the top 100 we stand to receive $25,000.  That’s a huge chunk! And with over forty horses in our care would be extremely welcome!  Go vote!


2 responses to “We Need YOUR Help!

  1. I know this does not go here (Please delete once you read it) … I sent you a PM on horsecity and was not sure if you check that often. But I was looking for more info on Cady. The more I read about her on your blog the more I fall in love with her. Please let me know if she is still available! Thank you!

  2. No worries on posting here 🙂 You should have an email waiting for you. Sometimes it does take me several days (and longer) to catch up on canter-mail *grin*

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