Ongoing Goings-Ons

Whee!  As always, things are busy-busy!

First up, we have an amazing, amazing opportunity to purchase some lovely original artwork and benefit CANTER Mid-Atlantic at the same time, thanks to C. Tanner Jensen of Sweet Grass Studios.  She is holding an auction for her lovely piece “The Reach” and some of the proceeds will benefit us.  How cool!

If that’s not enough art for you, there is another auction of some great art, greeting cards, pottery, and jewelry, from Special Horses, which will benefit CANTER, along with True Innocents Equine Rescue, Sunkissed Acres, and Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

Allie is headed out today, and I am headed out early Friday for Rolex, where we (and Smartpak) will be giving the first annual Thoroughbred Excellence Award for highest-placed ex-racer at the event. 

We’ve spent the last few days combing the entry list to find out who is eligible, and it is an impressive group of horses!  Included so far are: Anthony Patch, Hollywood, St. Barth’s, My Sedona, Our Questionnaire, Prowler, Sandhills Tiger, Truluck, Wonderful Will, Titanium, Parker, Exploring, Icarus, Gryffindor, Gaelic Marriage, Shiraz, and High Society III.  There are a few more I’m working on verifying the information for.

And when I return from Rolex, I will be gearing up to do an appearance on “The Animal House” on Washington DC’s NPR Station.  More info soon!

In other news, of course Cadence continues to be lovely and wonderful in every way.  Got some photos the other day, but of course, looking at them, I become very flustered about my riding, my arms and hands especially.  I hate seeing how much I tend to curl my wrists, because I don’t even know I’m doing it!  Anyway, here’s how she’s looking these days:


tritty trot!

Oh no! Someone's starting to curl behind the bit!!!

And someone else is looking down, and has no depth in her leg.  Sigh.  Oh well, onward and forward:

A few steps later

Awww! The pretty! It kills me!


Someone needs to work harder at maintaining contact. :/

Such a good girl!

Now to get more weight on her and get that infernal winter hair off! I just put her on dreamhorse and will be adding her to and wherever else I can think of next week.  Of course her response to being officially advertised was to tear a shoe off so we couldn’t really ride for a few days. 

After our photo shoot I introduced her to a couple teeny logs/xc style jumps that are along the driveway.  She got an A+ on the tiny tiny log, a good solid A on the ditch, and about a C on the slightly bigger log.  Likely my fault, we had to have a couple attempts at it, and jump it downhill a few times (it looks easier that way, I think), before getting it right on the uphill approach.  She has a nice, lovely rolling canter up the hill and away!  And when you tell her she’s done well, she does the same thing Archie used to do: she arches her neck into your hand and sort of “nods” like, “yes, I did very well, thank you!”

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