Yay! Farm Visit!

I promised, I know, but it took me a while to find time to sit with my laptop and go through the brazillion pictures I took last weekend.  After the track, I stopped by our layup farm to get some snuggle time with my favorites and see how everyone was doing.  My first stop was to the boys’ side of the farm, where I found that everybody was down at the super-secret swimming hole.

Uh-oh, guys, crazy lady with camera alert!

Back in the mudpit there is Truckee and Mikey, our long-term goofballs.  In the foreground is a new guy who came in very recently.  He’s got some weight to gain but there is a lot of good grass coming in so that should happen fast.  He’s a lot like Palmer (and came from the same trainer), both in type and personality, so it will be fun to see him relax and come into his own.  Shortly after that picture, though, Truckee was alerted to my presence, and he started a mad escape:

RUN!!!!!!!!!! She saw us!!!!

Poor new guy.  He was all, “what the heck? REALLY?!? I thought I was done with this whole moving-quickly thing?!?!?”

Escape Escape!

Truckee cracks me up.  The whole time he was galloping by (and keep in mind he instigated this whole thing), he just kept staring at me with his ears up.  He was all, “look, do you see what I did? hee! hehehe!!!”  Mikey is behind him, not wanting to be left behind but not really sure he had wanted to do sprints, either.

OK, see you later, guys.

Who, Me?

As I went back up the hill I found Truckee at the hay feeder, looking completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing.  I gave him some attention, then wandered down to find Mikey, who snuggled with me and then walked me to the gate (then tried to walk through the gate with me, after trying to crawl in my back pocket).

Mikey Remains The Cutest.

Things were far more sedate in the mares’ (and 2 geldings’) field.  Up on the ridge, it was naptime:

Awww… all the little TBreds in a line!  I love how they hang out together!

Ocean pulls Guard Duty


Rainbow (above) has continued to become the “mikey” of the mare group.  She wants attention, and she wants it now! She will go up to the sleeping mares and pester them into getting up, then turn around and look at me like she won some contest.  She’ll follow you around and if you pay attention to other horses, she’ll insert herself between you and your intended target.  Goof.

Little man Sprocket continues to be pretty flipping adorable.  He seems to be good friends with “Ears” and they hung out together the whole time I was there.  I had a nice snuggle with the both of them for a while – being in a TB sammich is a pretty nice place to be – the last time I was so thoroughly snuggled was between Jersey and Tarzan shortly before they left for NC.  These two are cute – Sprocket is such an adorable little portly guy, and Ears is getting to be a tall, fancy looking girl, so they make a cute pair.  Sort of like the rich heiress with the pudgy accountant in that “Hitch” movie.

These guys are always good for a little pick me up.  Gotta love them 🙂


One response to “Yay! Farm Visit!

  1. Oh Ears, I can’t wait for you to come live with me 😀

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