How to Prepare for a Dressage Test

Or rather, how not to!

I have not ridden Cadence since Sunday as Laura was out during the week, so of course it made PERFECT sense to sign up to do a dressage fix-a-test on Sunday when a spot opened up.  What with not being around to ride tonight, and going to Laurel Saturday morning then helping with fix-a-test Saturday and making some delicious “Mikey” cookies (chocolate espresso-chili-spice cookies with chocolate chunks) for Sunday, committing to learn and perform a dressage test seemed like an excellent sort of decision!

The Fix-A-Test is a great event at our barn, where a dressage judge comes in for two days, and critiques your test.  You ride it right off the bat, then she scores it and gives you advice and guidance for how to improve.  Then you ride it again, hopefully putting the advice in place and getting a better score.

It’s a great prep for those competitive riders who need a tuneup or what have you before the real competition season gets rolling, as well as being fun for our non-competitive/show riders who still enjoy learning and putting their skills into use.

It’s super fun, especially, for this mostly-non-competitive ex-hunter(ish) rider. 🙂  On a little baby TB.  We are doing the Introductory Test C, because that’s the one on the list the organizer sent me that seemed best suited to our current skill level and fitness (er… my current skill level and fitness…. hahaha).  I have a feeling my boyfriend will be driven nuts tonight when I turn his living room into my practice space to memorize the test.

If anyone is interested in stopping by, this is open to the public, and also serves as a fundraiser for us 🙂  It will be running Saturday from 9 till 4, and Sunday for roughly the same hours.  Absolutely free to come, watch, and learn, and if you’re there Sunday you get to come watch Cadence and I pick up the wrong canter lead.  :p

On Saturday a trailer from The Surrey (GREAT tack shop!) will be there as well, and if that’s not incentive I don’t know what is!

Feel free to stop by at Southwind Farm in Damascus, MD!


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