Going Airborn

So in the past few weeks Cadence has had a few introductions to teeny weeny baby jumps.  The most recent, on video:

(link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE-5OQrI6aY if you can’t see the embedded one).

That’s not me up there, that’s our super fantastic barn owner, who is much better than me at the ‘giving greenies confidence over fences’ thing.  There’s a lot I didn’t catch on video, because (oops), I was chatting and watching another horse at the same time.  A dear friend had just gotten on her new OTTB for the first time and so naturally I had to watch 🙂

Last night, I continued the theme of “we go over things” by going over a small raised pole (maybe 6″ high? it was tiny) at the trot and then the canter.  It turns out she REALLY seemed to get a kick out of cantering it!  I was going in a figure 8 pattern, and she soon predicted that and started changing leads over the pole.  It’s quite fun to canter poles on her, actually – my horrible eye for distance does not seem to adversely effect her and we managed it comfortably every single time, no matter how much I botched the turn.  In fancy-people terms, she can take a joke (ok, so a teeeeny tiny raised pole isn’t the same as a real jump, but still!)

In other news (there is always some other news!) there is a situation here in MD where a breeder has passed away, leaving behind some horses.  His daughter is trying to find them homes, with the help of Bev Strauss from Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue (dear friends of ours and a fantastic organization!).  These horses are actually really nice – they’ve been well fed and cared for.  They look to have nice conformation (do not be fooled by winter woollies and lack of fitness!) and are (IMO) very attractive.  Check them out:

Benray’s Flash (this is an older broodmare)

Fran’s Ben (bet this guy is WAY better looking than the pic suggests!)

Rachel’s Lady  Seriously – VERY attractive filly! Imagine her fit and sleek!

Say Beth  LOVELY girl – and such a sweet eye!

Toni’s Flash  STRIKING chestnut filly! She looks like a barbie horse!

Toni’s Kenta Super quiet gelding!

These guys are all in Westminster, MD. They are VERY much worth looking at, and it *is* a time sensitive situation.  They are not at risk of low level sales like New Holland and the like, the current owner is very aware of the risks of slaughter.  However they do have to find a place to go quickly. 🙂


4 responses to “Going Airborn

  1. I visited the farm, adopted one of her horses (he’s not listed), and I was very surprised how nice they were. The pictures weren’t taken by a horse person and don’t do them justice at all. I have some extra pics of Rachel’s Lady and Toni’s Flash if anyone is interested. just email me at sueyenrhee@usa.net.

  2. I got my Canter horse !! He will stay with the trainer who has been working with him until we are done with rain, about another month or so. I cannot say enough great things about the Canter people. Thanks for all of the help connecting me with the California Canter people.

    • Best of luck! Would love to hear updates 🙂

      • Thanks carrotplease, not everyone was happy about my choice of going to Canter for my next horse. But I am spreading the word about what a great organization they have been to work with. I am so happy to have another horse again, my guy has been lame for 7 months and my daughter was pretty devastated about the loss of her lease horse when the owner had to move out of town. So we are both anxious to spend time with our new guy.

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