Random Stuff I Find Interesting

So, Cadence is perfect, you’re all tired of hearing it.  But here’s a little tidbit about where she came from.  She was bred by the Lake Weir High FFA (Florida).  Here is a story about them (with a pic of Cadence’s baby half sister):


In a weird little twist, despite only breeding one horse per year, we also have another horse from this breeding program in our possession – “Ocean”  It turns out Ocean is a half sister to Cadence as they both have the same momma.

They came from completely different places (Delaware, and Charles Town, respectively), but somehow both ended up with us! What are the odds?

In other news, here is a nice article about our director Allie:


We have another lesson with Stef tonight, should be interesting! 

Cadence will be hitting the “available now” list (and dreamhorse.com and equine.com) probably in another week and a half, after she’s had some jumping sessions with our fantastic barn owner (and trainer!) Sheri.



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