Video 01-20-11

I wish I’d just waited and posted this along with my earlier post, but like I said, I was excited!

Not every moment in this video is jaw dropping, and she’s not suddenly going like a super fancy high level horse, but for me it was a pretty great lesson 🙂  We included a bit of walking so people could see how she moves, too.  🙂 I’m very excited for the next lesson, and also to get a pro on her for some training rides 🙂

(link is if you need the direct one)

(oh, and I think I need a new camera… that look disjointed/jumpy to anyone else?)


3 responses to “Video 01-20-11

  1. I just get a big black square here and directly at YouTube…no video!

    Everyone I know is raving about the Flip cameras. Mine is a bit ancient too…

  2. No problems with the link here. I have watched the this video several times and confess I am totally enjoying her progress. I have a CANTER mare that could be her twin, so watching “Miss Candace” learn the ropes of off track life is most educational and fun. Glad this lucky girl is in such capable hands. Nice work!

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