Baby Toofs

Last night I told my boyfriend I was going to make a necklace of polished horse teeth.  He was not amused.  But I’m getting quite a collection, and for some reason I hang on to them.  I know that sounds gross, but horsepeople are nothing if not superstitious, and one of my ‘crazies’ is, apparently, hanging on to horse teeth. 

MMMM... Horse Toof!

As you may have guessed, it was dentist day last night.  Candalicious was a very good girl – I had wanted to sedate her a bit as our dentist was having some back pain, but then found that my supply of ace had mysteriously dwindled down to about  1/4 a cc.  Not enough to make my cat blink.  Oops.

She was quite good either way, only having issues a couple of times while Rebecca reached in there to feel some loose caps.  While she objected to that very much, she didn’t even flinch when they actually got pulled, which I think speaks well of her (and now I have two more teefs for my collection).

Our volunteer Laura rode last night, and took her first spin at the canter.   I was surprised to hear this reported as “fast” – so tonight I’ll be watching to make sure that “fast” really does just mean that she’s not used to riding a long-strided canter.  To me, her canter is darn near perfect, and horses with short little bouncy strides feel “fast,” so I’m hoping this is just a translation thing!  If not, and little Miss Wigglebottom has found new reservoirs of energy, well then, that might be interesting! 

It could be the case – horses that start off slow and pokey often get a little more energetic when they’re fed up a little and stronger, and have a little confidence under saddle.  The good news is, even if she does have more energy, she shows no signs of becoming goofy or spooky – the ice sliding off the roof of the indoor yesterday (something which sends my horse – and me, for that matter – into bouts of terror induced paralysis) was absolutely not worth fussing about and she didn’t care a bit.

In other news, as is the way of the universe – plenty of horses out there needing homes!  Right now we have a lady near Charles Town who really needs help finding homes for a bunch of horses.  There are ten broodmares (7 – 17 years old), 4 two year olds (3 colts, 1 filly – not currently registered but registerable), and a couple other non TBs.  At the moment this is ALL the information I really have though I should be getting some more details soon.  If anybody feels like just taking a chance, feel free to leave a comment or email me at



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