A More Realistic Picture

Granted, she already looks better than this, but this is Candace’s real “Before” picture:

Pretty Gawky Baby!

Her previous picture was taken at the track, while she was covered in muscle and fit as a fiddle.  A few months of doing nothing, and turnout, and we have… a gawky baby in a rough winter coat.  She came in a bit ribby so she is also getting extra feed – a mix of soaked alfalfa pellets, regular grain, and some rice bran pellets for added fat.  She’s picked up weight already so I expect she’ll look like a million bucks soon (even with all that winter hair!)

Tonight was a bit of a debacle – I arrived at the barn eager to ride, impressed at how she went the night before for Laura.  She was showing off her sexy racehorse walk, and I was thinking I would bump her up to a little more work.  I wandered down in the dark and fetched her easily enough (she LOVES coming in, and even gives you a cute little nicker when you are scrambling in the dark to get her halter on). Up the driveway, through the barn door, and… oy.

Her back legs were stocked up.  They’ve been very slightly stocked up over the last few weeks, which seemed to be from a case of scratches, but that is nearly gone, and it was much more noticeable than usual.  So my fun night of riding turned into a forty minute handwalk session (didn’t help much) and digging around to find my stash of horse meds (turns out they were under a pile of boxes in the corner, down the hall from my bedroom).

After retrieving all that, I gave her her special dinner, and I have to say – this horse takes a LONG time to eat.  She takes polite little nibbles and chews slowly, often pausing to just stand there and look around.  After finishing about 3/4 of her dinner, she began playing with it, nosing around and wiggling her lips to throw all the alfalfa out of the feeder while rooting around looking for the pellets.  The floor was COVERED in alfalfa. 

Then she began playing a game of “shove the feeder across the aisle and make Kelly retrieve it.”  Each time she’d eat about five more bites, then do it again, all the while looking at me with this “isn’t this so fun? I love our quality time!” expression on her face.

I left her with the feeder (she’s pretty quiet – all this went down in the aisle of the barn with no tie or lead rope, hah!  Um.  This is not endorsed as proper horse handling procedure, by the way. Don’t do it at home.) and went to get her a bucket of water.  She greedily slurped about half of it down – then, looking up at me under her pretty eyelashes, she grabbed the edge of the bucket and dumped it all over the floor.

Just after I got all the sawdust down, sopped up the water, and swept up, she decided to poo.  It was as if she knew I was really enjoying all the cleaning up, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t bored.

See?  She’s so considerate!  Don’t you want to take her home?

5 responses to “A More Realistic Picture

  1. Jessica, Mo’s Baby Girl, would drool over some of the horses you get to go play with. Keep up the good work.

  2. 🙂 Thank you muchly!

  3. Cutie cutie cutie!!!!

  4. Hi! Visited your blog for the first time today after stumbling across CANTER yesterday. I loved your posts! What’s more, I adored the horses, especially my favorites, the chestnuts. I don’t own a horse, I’m just learning to ride on a terrific Thoroughbred named Dream Boy Kobe, who is spectacular as a lesson horse because he can do it all, whatever you ask of him, and he really loves his job. Anyhow, I’ve started a blog at http://www.2fortheshow.wordpress.com if you’d like to stop by sometime. I have nothing but admiration for the work you CANTER people are doing, and I’m drooling over your horsies!

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