Shiny Happy Ponies

So trolling around on facebook the other day I came across some pictures that made me super happy.  I have no idea how many readers here remember Big Daug – he came in several years ago, and I don’t even know if I wrote about him – were we even keeping blogs then? I don’t know!

I do know I can’t find any old pics of the Daug.  He was the sweetest bay gelding, and I remember taking pics of him for the old website with no help.  Unlike the other horses who always spun as soon as you backed up to take a picture, he let me pose him, then stood there perfectly still until I was done. 

Daug was adopted by Sabrina, who rather fittingly, also had a horse named “Cat.” 

It gave me Big Grins the other day to see this posted on facebook:

This Daug Hunts!

There he is on the right! So cute!  I guess Daug is learning to be a foxhunter and all reports are that he is excellent and everyone loves him.  How could they not?

Hunting through Sabrina’s FB albums I also found this:

I also find this pretty adorable.  Good BOOIIIEEE!!!!

It’s so fun to see how they’re doing.  He was such an adorable, sweet guy, and it’s nice to know he’s living the good life and spreading joy everywhere he goes 🙂

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