It’s Been 387462875 Years!

At least, that’s what it feels like.  I haven’t posted in AGES!

So here’s what’s up.  Instead of posting fun pictures and stories, I’ve been trying to get organized for the fall auction.  If you haven’t found that already, go here:

The timing on this is pretty crazy – I can’t afford time off from work right now due to insane stuff going down, and the holidays are coming up.  I’ve been so swamped that I just haven’t had time to do everything I normally do for this thing.  Even so, we scored lessons with some FANTASTIC people this year, some really good baked goods, and stuff keeps coming in!  And we got on Eventing Nation today which gives me the warm fuzzies. 

Some of the awesome stuff available:

– Lessons with Philip Dutton, Karen O’Connor, Bruce Davidson, Boyd Martin, and Jimmy Wofford (among others!)

– A brand spankin’ new, lovely bridle from Five Star Tack

– A flying lesson (for realz!)

– Grooming services good for a one day event in the midatlantic region from the winner of the 2010 Grooms Award at Rolex (and keeper of the cantercarolina blog)

– Media/PR/Business services (ad design, press releases, and logo/business card design)

– “Mikey” Cookies (and more)

– A fantastic collection of books, some horsey and some not

So… head on over!

In other news, we are experiencing a veritable deluge of horses right now.  It’s not a bad thing – but all the new faces keep things fun and interesting!

The New Guys

These three showed up a few weeks ago.  I caught them on their first day in real turnout, and they were ganged up in a tight group at the front of the field.  Every other horse in that field was waaaaaaay out in the back, enjoying the good grass.  These guys seemed a little cautious about that, and stayed up front. When I went to visit they all walked over to the gate like I was going to let them out.

This one seemed to be the sweetest and most inquisitive of the bunch, and immediately came up to check me out when I went out to meet them.  He’s kind of a little guy – maybe 15.1?  He’s only three, I think (have to double check) so he has some time to grow a little, but we’re thinking he might make a cute pony club or polocrosse horse. 

This little guy is called “Hurry,” but as he never actually made it to the races, I think that name is one heck of a joke.  He’s another sweet horse, a little taller than the bay above but still has some growing to do.  I think he’ll have a funny personality – he’s a little shy but there’s a quirky horse in there somewhere, I have no doubt.  Hurry was pinfired, and trained, but just didn’t show enough promise to get to the races.  He reminds me a little of Woody (lookndownthebarrel) and I expect will be a fun, and funny, horse as he gets more comfortable.

This guy struck me as very interesting – he’s not super tall, but his body is wide and substantial.  He’s built like a tank! And it’s easy to walk by him in the field not thinking he’s a thoroughbred, as he’s thicker than most of them are when they first come to us.  He’s a little stand-offish but I think that he’s just sore.  He’ll come around when he’s feeling better, I’m sure.

This last weekend we had another new arrival named Zippy.  He comes to us from his owner, who felt there was just no point in continuing with him, and wanted to do the right thing.  He also showed up after Zippy was delivered to check on him and feed him carrots 🙂 

Zippy is a mellow guy.  Already a “pet” more than a racehorse, he just wants to eat and get cuddles.  Rumor has it that in his last race, he almost broke to a trot and tried to exit the track during the race, while being beaten by something like 346445670 lengths.  He should fit right in.

Not much else to say right now.  Mikey is still Mikey, we are going to be shuffling some horses around soon.  Horses are finding homes pretty well now (Mack, Houndy, and Rocket most recently).

I leave you with a snoozins picture… here’s Sprocket soaking up some sun during a recent run of nice weather:


4 responses to “It’s Been 387462875 Years!

  1. So Awesome! I laughed out loud about Zippy breaking to a trot in his race! I love him already!

  2. Glad to see you’re posting again!

  3. In my next life, I want to be an OTTB retired with you guys. The life of soaking in the sun, paling around with other horses, and nuzzling nice humans just seems ideal. What a great job you’re doing!

  4. Hi , Love your blog ! I am thinking about adopting a canter horse, my guy is lame and my daughter and I need a horse to ride. Can you e-mail me, I have questions.

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