Million Day!

So I’ve somehow managed to write up how Maryland Million day went.


Firstly, I should say that I decided to leave Mikey home. I know, I know! I’m sort of disappointed about it but in the end it just made more sense.  I was responsible for getting some jumps to the track for our demo (and really should have painted them, that’s oops #2), and just couldn’t quite figure out the logistics of getting there at nine AM with jumps, then back to load the horse, and then either sending someone else home with the horse or leaving someone else to stick around the track and get the jumps home. 

So in the end, our wonderful barn manager Michelle took her mare instead of Mikey (Ellie is Mike’s pasture buddy, so he was none too pleased).

As always (or almost always) the weather on Million day was near perfect.  It was sunny, in the mid 70s, with a little breeze and a few clouds.  It’s so nice to not have to add rain or cold to the equation! 

The horses were all wonderful – with only a few minor hiccups, everybody made it around the warmup/staging area, and down the track just fine.  Interestingly, the only horse to have a bobble coming down the track was the amazing P Day (now named “Martini” by owner Chrissy Resch) – and if anything, I blame this on him being extremely familiar with Laurel racetrack and very successful.  I think he knew far too well what he was supposed to be doing there, and got confused when the program was different from what he expected. 

Plenty of racegoers actually remembered Martini from his racing days – winner of 6 graded stakes races, and hitting the board in bunches more (also having raced three times on Million Day), plenty of race attendees had probably won money on him.  He ended up being escorted on his walk down the track by Maryland Jockey Club’s Director of Horseman’s Relations Phoebe Hayes.

Once he got the idea, he dove into his role as ambassador to retired TBs everywhere wholeheartedly.  Unfortunately, my camera reflexes are apparently a bit slow.  I’ll have to work on that!

Returning again to Maryland Million Day was our friend Erin, and her wonderful gelding Chief.  Chief never raced in the Mid-Atlantic area, but it’s clear he likes being at the track, as he loves to show off there!

I dunno… think he can get over this jump?

Also bringing a horse to our little shindig was Royce Evans.  Royce bought a lovely gelding off of our trainer listings last year named No Halo.  A stunning black gelding, he was overlooked by a couple people for being too small – but he’s a lovely mover with loads of talent!  He is so beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how he does at the shows as he gets more experience under his belt.

Pretty boy popped our jump a little funny – but can’t blame him!  That is NOT supposed to be in the middle of the track, people!  My poor skills of a photographer mean that though his later efforts were completely beautiful, I only snagged such poor pictures I can’t even bring myself to post them. Oops.

Rounding out our group was Michelle Buzzard on Ellie (aka “Cryingatthechapel”) who she adopted from us several years ago.  Ellie was an abysmal racehorse.  So poor, in fact, that they gave up on her after only two starts.  She did collect a paycheck, but I suspect that was just for showing up and not being dead last in one of her races. 

I somehow managed to not get many pictures of Ellie – which may have been because she was going so slow most of the time, and there was so much other action to follow (that is Oops #5, I think, if you’re keeping track).  But here she is, looking wild:

What? Turn? Why?!? That takes energy!

Some other photos from last Saturday:

No Halo checks everything out

Chief is mesmerized by the races

And down the stretch they come!

Our awesome announcer, Jorja

Another retiree checks out the action

Thoroughbreds doing what they do best! (er... some of them, anyway)


2 responses to “Million Day!

  1. Weeeee! Looks like SO much fun!

  2. You know, I have no idea what Lucky would do about that. But as he’s rather businesslike, I have a feeling he would not go out and show that OTTBs can forget their old jobs. Jumping, schmumping, we’re going for a gallop…(Unless he was feeling lazy. In which case you probably wouldn’t get him out of the paddock as he can stand VERY still when he wants.)

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