Ready For Public Unveiling…

Someone’s a little cranky…

 Yep, I did it. It took me an hour, and I had to tromp through ankle deep mud to get him, and had to put him back out in the pitch black pouring rain, but Mikey is now looking a whole lot less homeless.   Not only did I pull that crazy mane, I also removed burdocks that smelled like they had been embedded in poo, and shaved a nice little bridle path. I even trimmed his ear fuzzies and whiskers a little bit (but because he lives outside, not too much, just cleaned him up!).

 He was not thrilled.  In fact, I think he was the opposite of thrilled.  He was all, “really? I cantered across the field, neighing for you, and this is what I get? For realz?”Sorry, dude.

In other news I got my act together last night and spent an additional several hours going through my weekend photos – of course when you take 150 photos, about ten of them come out well enough to actually show people.  So here are the five from the video the other day.  Please remember these horses aren’t available yet, but are being evaluated to start training. 🙂






In addition to those guys, there were two brand-spankin’ new arrivals from Charles Town there Saturday morning, both of which are completely adorable.  The first is a three year old filly whose nickname is “Ears”:


Pretty Girl!

The other is the dark bay boy I have to come up with a name for.  He seems slightly timid in person, and Allie’s description of him at the races jives with that – apparently he really, really, really did not enjoy racing and seemed a bit scared of it. 



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