When It Rains

What is with all the bad news lately? 

56 Horses Seized….

Last week it was the fire, this week, this was the news I woke up to on Monday (well, went to sleep with Sunday night, if you want to be picky).  There’s a bunch of updated stories, but that’s the basic situation.

So far Animal Control has found homes for quite a lot of these horses, by offering them for free to the public (at least, the ones healthy enough to move).  6 more have been taken to Days End Farm Horse Rescue here in Maryland.  Three of those are in critical care.

As many of the horses at this facility were from Charles Town, this has also meant a flurry of emails and phone calls and text messages – a surprising number of trainers had given horses to this rescue, and now had no idea if they were OK or not.  Some of these horses I identified on an “adopted” page, but given the number of horses on the property and the many dead, I’m not sure how true or reassuring that is. 

In any case, rather than dwell on the very, very disturbing nature of all this, here is how you can help. 

Berkeley County Animal Control does still need feed, monetary help, etc.  Find out more by calling at 304-263-4729.

Days End Farm is also in need of some help for the critical care cases that they took in.  Their wish list has been updated here:



2 responses to “When It Rains

  1. I am looking for a horse named Rowdy Ridge for trainer Ronnie Brown. He was dropped off at the 10 acre home facility and was reported by O’Brien as having been adopted. Is there anyway to find out where he went?

  2. I am sorry, left out critical info. he was left off at the home facility a month ago, chestnut gelding, healed bow, half blaze. That is all the info I have. If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated.

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