Tragedy At Charles Town

Many of you have heard about the fire yesterday morning at Charles Town Races – if you have not, about 5 AM yesterday morning an employee leaving the casino noticed sparks and small flames across the street in the privately owned barns adjacent to the training track.  Fire units responded immediately, but these barns were older and of wooden construction.  Two of the wooden barns burned completely, and a third barn of cinder block construction also burned.  27 horses are reported dead at this time.  The horses in the third barn were able to be evacuated, and several horses from the first two barns were found running loose.

At this time we do not know if any of the horses listed on our site were in those barns. 

These barns were typically used as overflow barns – horses who were missing paperwork, or who just didn’t have a stall in their trainer’s barn were stabled here, usually temporarily.  Most others using this stabling were very small trainers – often with only a few horses. 

If you would like to help, either with a monetary donation for these owners and trainers, or with goods to replace some of what was lost (halters, leads, tack, hay, shavings, etc), please call the Charles Town HBPA at (304) 725-1535.  They will be able to accept financial donations, as well as tell you where to bring goods and equipment. If you would like to send a check, make it out to “CHARLES TOWN HORSEMEN’S BENEVOLENT & PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION, INC.”  Make sure to write “Fire and Disaster Account” on the memo line and mail to:

835 East Washington Street, Suite106 – P.O. Box 581
Charles Town, West Virginia 25414

Update:  CANTER will be organizing a collection for barn supplies.  Needed: Halters, Lead Ropes, Buckets, Medical/First Aid Supplies, leg wraps and bandages, dewormers, etc.  If you would like to contribute items like this please contact or


2 responses to “Tragedy At Charles Town

  1. We used to own a horse by the name of Nic’s Amigo-he was sold to Donald Souter-Nic raced that week-end at Charlestown-Do you happen to know if he was one of the horses that perished in that horrible fire? Thank you- nancy

    • Hi Nancy, a little poking around and I can confirm that Nic’s Amigo is just fine. He raced (and won) on Monday night, well after the fire had been extinguished. Also, the trainer stables at Bowie training center and I think ships in to Charles Town.

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