Back in the Saddle

Well… mostly 🙂

I’ll be taking Mikey for a little spin this evening to see how he is coming along.  Unfortunately in the last few weeks he’s only been ridden a couple of times a week, which is enough to keep him occupied, but as we need to get his hind end strength built up I’m thinking it may have set things back a little bit as far as… offering him to the public. 

I know.  This is a hard thing to think about.  The requirements for a home for Mikey are going to be very hard to meet!  Applicants must have an excellent sense of humor, and be willing to spend a lot of time talking to us so we can make sure they’re OK.  I suggest bringing us bribes of cheesecake and/or beer, because this is not a horse we’ll let go of lightly.  Also applicants should be prepared to have a very thorough web search done on them, their property, and anyone they’ve ever met in their life.  OK, I’m kidding somewhat… but… not really. heh.

In good news I found out this week that a grant I applied for (at the last minute, while pulling my hair out because there is never enough time, and I only managed to get in about fifteen minutes before the deadline) came through, for the second year in a row.  Thank you, Equus Foundation, for your continued support!  This is a really amazing organization that helps fund pretty much all things equine.  They support various horse welfare organizations, therapeutic riding program, and also help advance and promote equestrian sport.  They have also started a side program called “carrots4acause” which functions as a database of equine welfare and sport organizations, where we can list volunteer opportunities and “wish list” items.  All in all, this is pretty cool, and I’m feeling pretty happy right now as a result.

I also got a fantastic email today from someone who purchased a lovely young horse from Charles Town, to do a little fundraiser.  Hopefully we’ll have this up and running within the next few days and I will be able to share the excellent details with you 🙂

Next on my list, besides evaluating Mikey’s readiness for sale (waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!) is to work on props for our appearance at Maryland Million.  I will be hitting the lumberyard this weekend for materials to make us a super fancy (or barely passable, depending on your point of view) jump with our logo on it.  This is new for me, and I will have to enlist help as my clumsiness, plus being on blood thinners, makes handling power tools an extremely risky proposition *grin*.


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