I don’t write much about my personal life on here, because it generally doesn’t relate much to what’s going on with CANTER, which is my main focus.  But sometimes life throws things at us that interfere with everything.  All those plans you might have for the coming months?  House shopping, applying for promotions, getting more horses ridden and adopted, giving that big handful of a filly the patented Allie’s Shovel™  training course… sometimes stuff gets put on hold, and well, had that happen in a big way this last week.

Like most horsey folks, I tend to have this strange and somewhat dysfunctional relationship with pain.  While some pain (headaches and migraines) tends to set me down a fair bit, I tend to ignore other pain – even if it is located in areas that should worry me.  If my legs work and my head doesn’t hurt, it is all systems go.  But it became apparent last week that there might just be something wrong.  After walking around for two days with a sharp, stabbing pain in my lungs that made me want to faint every time I inhaled, I realized I really needed to do something about it.  I shipped myself off to the best hospital I could get to, walked into the ER, and found out I had a blood clot in my left lung. 

Apparently, these are really dangerous, and on occasion kill people.  So here is one of my rare non-CANTER related PSAs: Just because your legs work and your head feels OK doesn’t mean there’s no problem.  If you have strange pain somewhere, get checked out, it could save your life.  [/PSA]

Of course, this means that I will have to shift gears a little bit.  While I’m not afraid of falling, the medications I am on mean that a fall of the type I might normally take could be far more damaging than usual.  So I will be limiting my riding for a while and as a result, training/riding updates may be few and far between.  I am unlikely to play crash test dummy (which really is my favorite thing) for several months, which is sort of a bummer as there are several horses over at Green Grass Acres who are about ready for a first spin around the ring (even though they have GREAT attitudes, and I suspect will be WONDERFUL, I’m just going to be extra cautious).  I most definitely will not be doing the ground work with Lily that she desperately needs if we are to find her a home.  This eats at me a little bit, as I think it’s necessary, but don’t feel confident enough to do it myself.  I would love to see her placed by winter, though, since she’ll be turning four and it would be great timing for someone who wants a young prospect to start getting out next spring.

On the flip side, I will be trying to get some fun (not!) organizational stuff done.  Our fall auction will be here before we know it, which means I will be out banging drums and holding my hands out for all sorts of goods and services.  And now that I have my awesome stand mixer, I will try to offer some baked goods again (it has to work better than last year now that I have the tools).  If anyone reading here has some ideas, or some awesome stuff, feel free to contact me via email at to get details of how it all works. 

I will also be doing some manual labor, getting some things ready for our Maryland Million day ride in October (for those who like to plan ahead, this will be October 2 at Laurel Park).  We’re going to have some more props this year, like a real jump with our logo instead of the hay bales we used last year 🙂  Hopefully Mikey will be making an appearance at this event, so I hope all his fans come out to see him.

There will also be some additions and updates on the CANTER Mid-Atlantic page.  Several sections have been added so people can get a better feel for what we do, so look for bios of our fantastic volunteers, more resources and information for those who want to buy Thoroughbreds off the track, and all sorts of other stuff. 

Also, as one of the main tracks that we support is Charles Town, I want to give a nice plug for a large upcoming night of racing.  September 18 is “Race for the Ribbon” night – a great night of stakes races where proceeds from fundraising will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research (including the $400,000 Charles Town Oaks, the richest sprint race for three year old fillies in the country).   Chances are several CANTER volunteers will be getting a table and enjoying the racing that evening, and we would love to meet potential shoppers or volunteers!  If you’d like to make a full day of it, the Charles Town Heritage Festival is the same day, which promises to be fun (and I imagine there will be plenty of delicious food!)


3 responses to “Detour

  1. Well, can I say oh my goodness!! How scary. I am glad you are going to take care of yourself. I totally understand the attitude just keep going (except migrain time I get those too).
    Please take it easy,
    Look forward to your blog.

  2. Ashlea and Splash

    feel better and take care of yourself!!!!!!

    ashlea and splash

  3. Good for you going in. I never do, either, so I needed the PSA. Feel better soon!

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