Back from Vacation…

I got back from Montreal on Tuesday, and have to say, if you ever get a chance to go up there for the formula one race, you really should!

Getting back was a bit crazy – we had a grant application due Tuesday and had to do lots of last minute stuff in relation to that… I wish it was all just playing with ponied but the reality is there’s business work to attend to as well! Which is a bit crazy for me because a lot of the time I have this feeling that I have NO idea what I’m doing and am just sort of stumbling along, fumbling around hoping my attempts to sound businesslike are not too laughable.  

In any case, not too much else to update on this week.  Archie is getting his coggins drawn tonight so that he will be all set to go to a new home (hopefully early next week!).   Hopefully that will be followed by Mikey Moo coming in for some boot camp (a friend has offered to let us borrow her western saddle, as I mentioned he would be an awfully cute western pony).  Mikey being inhouse should be awesome, I’m looking forward to it so much!

Anyway, should have more to talk about next week – I am going out to visit the farm horses tomorrow and hopefully get some video clips of Miss Lily. 

Sorry for the short entry with no real interesting stuff, but I do like to let people know I’m alive! 🙂


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