More Love to Go Around…

As fate would have it, the ladies of the mare field were working their way over to the far end when I arrived at The Horse Spa last night, so no new pics/vid of Lily.  We’ll get there eventually though, I’m not too worried!  On the flip side, there are four new horses to report on, who were conveniently located in temporary/quarantine paddocks, making some photography and a “getting to know you” session relatively easy.

The new arrivals are three geldings and a mare.  I visited the boys first since they were right next to my car, and was immediately met at the gate by this guy, who walked all the way across the paddock as soon as he saw me:


It turns out he is a three year old gelding by Meadow Monster – who was also Cecil’s sire.  He has four starts on his record and doesn’t look like he was impressive in any of them.  What was impressive (I thought) was how good and stout he looks, especially as he last raced on the fifth, if I have his name right. 

mmmm, purty!

The other bay gelding wasn’t quite as immediately friendly as the first, but was definitely curious.  At first, the third gelding kept kind of “herding” him away from me but eventually curiousity got the best of him.  Then I discovered his ears were VERY itchy, and from there on out we were best pals.  I scratched his ears, then his face, then his chest, and then he tried to rub his face all over me (thankfully I was in my white work shirt! haha!). 

Handsome Jersey Boy

Hmmm, I *think* I want to be your friend....

This guy is 4, and has 14 starts with a couple wins.  Unfortunately after only a few minutes of some serious scratching-post action (btw, in my head I’ve nicknamed the two bays Itchy and Scratchy.  He’s Scratchy), the third gelding nudged him along, and the next thing I know I was looking at a set of three butts walking away from me.  I’ve nicknamed the chestnut “Boss” for now, as he seems to be in charge.


Boss reminds me a lot of Leo for some reason.  To the point where I was convinced they were related – but not so much, apparently.  He was the most standoffish of the three – perfectly willing to be caught but not going out of his way for any kind of attention.  He’s also the most tucked-up and “racy” looking of the three, and could stand to gain some weight.  I suspect he has some body soreness which may be part of why he’s not so super-friendly right now.  That said, once you catch him he’s probably the best behaved of the three, and the only one to stand perfectly still while I introduced him to fly spray.  The bugs are a new experience for these guys, and they definitely don’t like it.  But since they don’t speak English, you can’t convince them the fly spray is in their best interest – all they know is that it makes a weird noise and tickles like crazy.

Fortunately I was able to get some on their chests and bellies, but it took some patience (and a lot of wasted spray as I had to spray it in the air to get them used to the noise).  They reacted typically, walking around me in circles going “ACK! NOOOO!!!” but eventually relenting.  I gave them many pats and sent them on their way, hopefully feeling some relief from the gnats.

Then I moseyed over to visit the new mare – who is just STUNNING!  We have been having a run on flashy chestnuts on the trainer listings lately, and here we have one at CANTER too!  Big white blaze, a white lower lip, and the looks of a horse ready for the show ring!  And friendly as could be, to boot!  That may change when she gets out into the big field, but she’s already an “in your pocket” type, which Niner sure wasn’t at first.  So I suspect this one will be ready to start riding very soon. 

Why Helloooo Pretty Lady!

Lovely Face

It was hard to get pictures of her from inside the paddock – she kept wanting to sniff the camera and snuggle.  So I had to take pics from outside the fence, heh.  (it was that, or share the fifty pictures of her right nostril).  Anyway, she is a three year old with 6 starts, and one win to her record.  All in all, a nice afternoon 🙂  Forgive me the lack of proper conformation pictures, but that’s hard to do alone!

Happy Boys

Comments?  Name suggestions for lovely lady Cover Girl filly?  (actually, name suggestions for all appreciated! I nickname horses in my head and those names constantly change, so we need something “official!”)


3 responses to “More Love to Go Around…

  1. Kell, I NEED that second gelding. I NEED him. I NEED you to keep me updated on him so that maybe, one day when I have the money for him, he will be ready to go.

  2. For the chestnut mare – how about the name Phoenix?

  3. Ahh, what a pretty mare. Wish I could steal that one!

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