A Quiet Week (for once)!

Well mostly, except for the brain fart I had regarding an appointment I had yesterday, and the fact that our vet had to come out and look at Admiral’s foot, which I had thought was an abscess and thus No Big Deal, but may actually be a puncture or something, it’s been pretty quiet this week.  I actually had a mostly horse-free weekend, and even spent two days slogging around a kitchen making food for a cookout (tater salad and cornbread received very good reviews, the cole slaw… not so much. Oh well!). 

Poor Archie is not a huge fan of the hot and humid summer weather that has now descended on our area – it looks like he may have sweated off a few of his hard earned pounds this week, but at the same time more grass seems to be coming into his field so things should normalize.  There is an application in for him, so I have my fingers well crossed that he will be off to a new home very shortly 🙂  (of course, as always, I have learned to not get tooooo excited until a trailer is leaving, haha!).  In discussions with Allie it sounds like if he does go to a new home, we might actually bring in Mikey to get some riding miles on him. 

Yes, you heard that right.  Mikey, the class clown.  Our farm won’t know what hit it.

Of course, plans have a way of changing so I won’t guarantee that, but the thought makes me VERY excited.

In other news we are gearing up to move horses to NC this week sometime, to get things rolling down there.  This is a hard adjustment for me to make as the horses at the Funny Farm who are ridable now will be the first to make the trip, so I’m sort of unsure what to do with myself.  Funny Farm will still be in full operation, of course, but as a layup/transition farm, so the horses there, while they will make appearances and get introduced here, will not be available for sale/adoption for the most part. 

On the one hand this is an adjustment that cuts out a lot of stress and running around on my part, which is good.  On the other, what to do with myself? 

Silly question, I know.  There are fundraisers to plan, horses to ride (including my own, who is getting back into work after his coffin joint injections and being generally awesome), and all that other fun stuff like updating the site and all that.  And I keep meaning to get more training materials out there for our new volunteers.  At some point I want to have a photography “clinic” that may double as a fundraiser.  And we need to start bringing more new horses in as well.  So it’s not like I have nothing to do *grin*

Since I don’t have much in the way of updates or super educational posts or crazy drama to report on, I will leave you all with the command to go read the Retired Racehorse Blog, which is now a daily stop of mine and highly enjoyable, as well as VERY informative.  She’s on my blogroll but seriously, there’s some good stuff over there and it’s worth the read. 

Hopefully more exciting and interesting news, photos, and video soon!

Edited to add another link!  CANTER mid-Atlantic Alum “Dixie Rumble” is being featured on the Off Track Thoroughbreds blog, which collects wonderful success stories about racehorses in their new careers.  Check it out!


One response to “A Quiet Week (for once)!

  1. Natalie Keller Reinert

    I read too fast. I thought you said Retired Racehorse Blog had crazy drama.

    I try NOT to be too dramatic, but it happens…

    Thank you very much for the shout-out. I second the Off Track Thoroughbreds blog, as well.

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