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There’s a new Washington Post article coming out this weekend in the Sunday magazine – but it’s already online for those who would like to see it.  This may be one of the better written major media stories on the issues that I’ve ever seen 🙂  While I’m sad the content provided by our director was edited out for space, it’s very well written and really cuts to the issues.

Beasts of Burden

The author spent some time at Charles Town and talked to a few people we know pretty well and who have placed horses through us.  She watched morning workouts and evening races and got a great feel for it all.  She also attended New Holland – where she met a horse who had ended up there after going through the hands of the same woman who had taken the track pony JR off the track (if you haven’t followed, he ended up there too).

The other part of the article that really brings home what working with these amazing horses can be like, is her writing about what happens with her first OTTB.  One of the things that can be so heartbreaking with these guys is how everything can be going along well, like clockwork, and then something happens.  It’s true of all horses, I’m sure, but at the same time many ex racehorses come off the track with hidden issues.  They look sound… until their injections wear off.   They breathe fine… until paralysis creeps up their throat from an earlier bad surgery.  They seem to be gaining weight… then they colic repeatedly due to ulcers or something.  The potential for hidden issues is high – I love these horses and think that time heals most things, but at the same time, am perfectly well aware of all the physical baggage they might have too – and there sure is potential for a lot of it.   Dealing with that can be heart wrenching, and the writer describes that pretty perfectly. 

In other, better news, Archie continues to progress.  He led a trail ride last night and is noticeably fatter than he was on Monday. 🙂

Plans are swinging into action to get the first real group of horses down to the NC location and that will be happening over the next several weeks.  Which also means… we will have some room for some more new guys, and I’ve been trying to get ahold of some people whose horses haven’t sold to see if they’d be interested.  So… hopefully some new faces soon!


4 responses to “In the News

  1. An excellent article, but a shame that it didn’t offer any information on donations or other ways to support horse rescues.

  2. I think quite a lot had to be edited out as there were some strict space requirements. She touched on a whole lot of stuff that really could have been expanded on a whole lot. Just nice to see a horse article that is written by someone who knows about horses.

  3. Lots of TBs in the news these days…I’m surprised Lucky’s gotten the attention he has (and he hasn’t done much yet besides eat!)

    Since you’re with CANTER MA, rather than take up space on COTH…are you at all familiar with a trainer currently at Mountaineer named Jean Campbell? S/he (sorry) just ran a Lucky Lionel gelding named Lucky Drummer on Tuesday…I’m not prepared to make an offer this instant (it would depend on some things about the horse) but he’s very closely bred to Lucky and has a similar carreer…I’m kind of hoping as he’s on the downswing he might end up a CANTER listing. But I don’t know if the trainer’s even local or the sort to list with y’all.

  4. Mountaineer is about six hours away so I’ve never actually been there. 🙂 You actually could try PMing Jessi P on COTH 🙂

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