Archie Rocks

Just got a great update from Laura about how Archie was last night (bolded for emphasis):

“Archie was a very good boy yesterday. I was able to tag along with D. on a mosey, but it wasn’t very long. There was a ton of mud through the woods, so we walked around to the front and up the hill. no problems. After that i worked on some straight lines. Those were ok. BUT I got both canter leads, the left the first time I asked. I asked twice for that, got it both times and stopped there. Then down the hill out the back to the bottom and back up. He did walk a pretty straight line for that and didn’t hesitate or get worried. yay!!”

That’s right… YAY!  Archie is coming along in leaps and bounds now.  On Monday I rode him briefly while showing him to some very nice people who came out, and while I didn’t get a left lead, everything else felt pretty good.  He is able to hold his canter even around the small ring much better now, and I think is getting stronger every ride.  And while he still has weight to gain Monday I did note, to my satisfaction, some padding developing around the tailhead (finally, I think that’s the last place to get cushion for some reason!)

I also got to enjoy seeing Archie doing very nicely for the person who tried him Monday.  After I got off, I handed over the reins and was overjoyed to see him trotting forward, with a pretty ground covering stride.  He picked up the canter easily (well, the right lead anyway, haha) and seemed very happy the whole time.  We set up a tiny crossrail (though I did tell them he doesn’t really “jump” yet) and he went straight to it without wiggling (though he did stop and walk over the first time, heh!), and eventually trotted over it like a raised ground pole.  She was a very nice rider, soft, and didn’t over-ride him at all, and Archie seemed to really enjoy that. 

I’m not sure what to do tonight – I may ride, I may give him the night off and just throw more food at him.  We’ve been spending lots of quality time together as I often end up bringing his extra dinner all the way across the field for him (at least, when the weather is nice).  He’s getting seen by another potential buyer tomorrow, and I don’t want to overwhelm him with work (though it seems like the more we ride him the happier he is!).

In other news, Bid is feeling a little footsore, and Admiral popped his abscess.  I even took a picture of that but won’t share it in case some of you are eating 🙂


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