Preakness Weekend

While I doubt I’m actually going, there’s lots of cool stuff going on this weekend in Maryland. 🙂

TODAY, Friday the 14th, is Black Eyed Susan day at Pimlico.  The BES is a Grade 3 stakes race for 3 yr old fillies, sort of like the Kentucky Oaks to the Derby.  It is not part of the traditional “filly triple crown” but should be a great race, and I’m leaning for Tidal Pool.  I mean, look at that face:

She looks like a nice tough filly 😉

In addition to the main attraction today is the amazing Lady Legends race.  A group of groundbreaking pioneers in the sport, female jockeys from the rough and tumble 70s and 80s, are back to race again in this historic race to raise awareness (and money) for the Susan G Komen foundation (two of the jockeys have battled breast cancer themselves, so it is a cause near and dear to their hearts).  It will also be filmed as part of the documentary “Jock” which chronicles the struggles, victories, and characters of women in racing.  Also in partnership with Susan G. Komen, Pimlico is doing a lot of awareness and fundraising over the course of the weekend for that cause, including “electing” the first “Pink Warrior” Ms. Preakness (replacing the more beauty pageantish Miss Preakness of years past). 

If you are feeling up to it, Saturday morning there will be a fundraising breakfast at Mt. Washington tavern, featuring the lady legends themselves, who will lead a discussion panel.  The Mt. Washington Tavern is a fantastic place, by the way! I would highly recommend anybody in the area stop by.  Reservations are required and the cost is $50.  Proceeds will go to the Jock documentary, which still needs some funding to be completed 🙂

Then of course, the Preakness is later Saturday with a post time of 6:05 (the races go all day! I would highly recommend it!  Just don’t bring kids to the infield, haha!)

The horsing around does NOT end with the Preakness – Sunday is the Potomac Hunt Races!  This is a great opportunity for enjoying a classic maryland pastime – tailgaiting, fresh air, and oh yeah, there are horses!  Steeplechasing in MD is a fairly common destination for ex-flat racers, and several “trainer listing” horses from our tracks have gone on to this as their second career (which usually also leads to foxhunting as well).  This also benefits a GREAT cause, the Yellow Ribbon Fund, an amazing charity that helps injured service men and women. 

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming next week – planning to ride tomorrow and will attempt to get some pics/video (Archie, by all accounts, is doing REALLY well this week – I think soon he’s just going to look amazing!)

Have a great weekend, and btw, thanks for all the visitors from the Fugly blog, though watching my hit count get so high is a little scary! I feel obligated to have good content now!

Edited to add:


HUGE impound of 25 neglected and starved horses at Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Lisbon.  They need money, and hands on volunteers very badly! If you can help with funds, time, energy, or skill please email or call to see how you can help.


3 responses to “Preakness Weekend

  1. I’m pulling for Tidal Pool too…my good friend Leeanne gallops her and she is a very hard-knocking little filly who tries her heart out. Go Tide!

  2. Is that her in the pic, ry?

  3. Yeah, that’s her! 🙂

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