Hooray Sunshine!

My farmer tan is starting to actually be apparent, which is very exciting.  In a few weeks I’ll have a glove line too, my favorite!

In random news, in case people didn’t see it, we had a commenter chime in on the Rolex TB entry about Coal Creek.  His JC name was “Frank J”  He earned $3628 in 7 starts and retired with one win under his belt.  He is a Washington bred, bred by the Newports of Canyon View Farm.  And if that’s not cool enough, there is a half-brother available, so contact them if you’re on the West Coast and interested 🙂

As for the weekend, I lied.  I did not get loads of pictures of ponies, or anything, so for that I apologize.  It looks like I will be back out there Thursday to meet the vet to get a horse scoped, though, so that may be a better opportunity.

Saturday I actually didn’t do much with the horses.  I had a fundraising walk in Baltimore to do (to benefit a really great research funding organization, the Alliance for Lupus Research).  Afterwards, I had some baking to do so limited my Archie time to giving him an extra meal and noticing he is finally getting some shiny summer hair, though some of his long buffalo hairs are still being incredibly tenacious.

Sunday was hot, and humid, and by ten AM I was already dragging.  But I had people coming to look at Archie, and also Bid, so after dragging myself out for gas and an iced coffee, I brought Archie in and got his legs hosed off, gave him his extra food, and spent some time loving on him.  The people who came to see him had met him before, so they felt comfortable just getting right on, and I didn’t have to worry about riding first.  Archie, I have to say, is just SUCH a good egg!  It’s amazing to me that a horse with fairly limited re-training (pretty much, we’ve just been getting on him and going, not spending a whole lot of time with re-education, as he’s so quiet) would make the transition from race training to being such a tolerant and quiet horse so easily.  While he wasn’t perfect (he does need to learn to bend more, and stay out on the rail, and a few other things), he never does anything remotely bad.  His default answer when confused or something is to slow down and/or stop.  The rider in this case was competent but not super experienced, and had taken many months off of riding, so may have been a little out of shape.  Even without having ridden first, I never had even the slightest moment of worry – Archie takes care of his people. 🙂

Since they are looking for a family type horse for dad to ride with daughter, the teenage daughter also rode, and did very nicely on him.  She actually looked, dare I say, really really good, and it was fun to watch.

Afterwards Archie showed off his wash stall and cross tying skills, and happily went back out, only trying to drag me over to grass once.

Then we trucked over to the other farm, planning on looking at Bid.  We had talked a little bit about tradeoffs and which horse might be more suitable, and I had definitely been leaning towards Archie on this one.  Bid is FUN and I adore riding him.  He’s not spooky or really difficult at all, and his personality is hilarious.  But for a rider who maybe isn’t super secure, he may also feel big and strong, and is much more likely to “play” if he feels a rider’s insecurity, rather than slow down or stop. 

We got out to the field, caught him, and then as I went down the list of who else in the field belonged to us, the girl stopped me at Leo, and decided she liked him.  Not only that, she was convinced THAT was the horse her dad needed to try.  While I sat back they talked it out, and in a move that had me smiling ear to ear, we ended up bringing Leo in with us instead of Bid.  Not only that, but darling sweet-faced Leo was foot perfect.  He was forward but not fast, showed off his good brakes, and looked happy and interested the whole time.  I was sure to point out his young age and that he hasn’t been exposed to a whole lot yet, but still couldn’t help my inner “squee” of joy at how great he was. 

I do not know what will happen – I know that we do show horses to lots of people before placing them, and I’ve learned to not get hopeful until I’m handing over a contract to be signed, but it was SO nice to spend a day with such wonderful potential owners, and it seriously made my week that this young teenaged girl, out of all the horses in the field, saw and appreciated my favorite one seemingly as much as I do – if only for his kind and honest face 🙂  It made me even more happy-bursty to see two horses behave so amazingly well and happily, showing off their great brains and ridability.  Especially Leo, who has only really been ridden a handful of times, and not in a very focused way.  So really, whatever happens it was a great weekend and I couldn’t be happier!

I promise to have new pics of him by the end of the week, for real.  He has filled out very nicely and looks great – the swayback is still evident but the rest of him is looking wonderful – he has some meat/fluff on his neck and hind end now, and is glowing with health.


One response to “Hooray Sunshine!

  1. jessicamorthole

    Awww that just sounds like a really nice family so I will cross everything they take one of those guys. Archie’s default has always been stop which is really nice for those less than secure in the tack. Glad to hear he is coming along well and shedding his buffalo hair. That was one scary beast 🙂

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