Summer Weather Incoming

Wow, the weather report for this weekend looks PERFECT!

As a sidenote, it’s been fun to get so many readers over the last few days, but also a little overwhelming… All I could think was what if I’d done my research wrong? Oh no!  Surely someone on COTH or elsewhere would call me out!  Thankfully I seem to have gotten everything correct (although I’m still not sure I have the right Titanium, but I put that disclaimer in there).  I also missed that the winner, Cool Mountain, is a Thoroughbred as well.  He is registered as a sporthorse with USEF, but his parents look to both be full TBs.  Which makes me happy 🙂

So, back to the grind.  As horses will, Archie threw a giant scare into me this week.  A prospective buyer who has been very patient (well, we both have, as our schedules both seem prone to unanticipated disruptions) is coming out this weekend to see Archie and Bid.  Archie has been driving me crazy with his yak hair and slow weight gain – he’s starting to pick it up, and shed, but still looks sort of mousy and goofy.  I almost feel embarrassed showing him off, I know there’s a beautiful horse in there but he is insistent about taking his time turning into the elegant swan I know is in there. 

But even so, he’s calm and good and sweet and fun on trails, so the time is right to start showing him to people and getting him tried.  Then he threw a wrench into it by doing something to his stifle last week and going wonky for a few days.  Which, I’m learning, is something horses just do.  They have a sixth sense as to when they really need to BE sound, and that’s when they get an abscess, lose shoes, experience digestive upset, or try to hang themselves on the fence. 

Fortunately, all reports from last night are good.  Laura rode and said he felt great after loosening up a little bit, and it sounds like several onlookers thought he looked fine.  He gets one more ride tonight, and I will take him out tomorrow for some light hill work and water crossing practice, so all systems should be “go” for Sunday.  Unless he does something else. 

I’m also trying to get out to Fat Horse Farm on Sunday as well – we will be going to see Bid there, and then I will be staying to possibly show some mares.  If not, I may try to weasel some extra help out of my group of friends so we can FINALLY get some under saddle video of Sister (this has been an ongoing nightmare in scheduling/getting help/weather/etc for months). 

I have to say, her hijinks on the ground and her general princessy personality weren’t my favorite in the beginning.  I’ll admit it.  I’m not going to be head over heels for every single horse we’ve got.  But the more time I spend insisting that it IS ok for me to swab at that cut, and you WILL stay on the circle while lunging… well, I’m developing an odd sort of affection for the little mare.  I just wish I had more hours in the day and could get out there enough to get her in some sort of consistent work.  It’s a shame about that whole full time job thing sometimes, isn’t it?

I should have some more pics and video of the various horses out there next week.  We need before pictures of Palmer (hoping he’s picked up some weight already, he really did look like a charity case), and I need to play my crazy “I will get my hands on you and snuggle you” games with the new black mare.


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