Hooray! Back From Rolex!

And it appears lots of people have been browsing our site while I was gone!  Interest seems to be surging and it looks like we may be getting some horses into new homes shortly – including some we’ve been having some trouble placing, so I am very excited 🙂

I am also excited to report that ex-racing thoroughbreds were rock stars all weekend – it’s always super fun to point at a horse and say, “hey! that was a Charles Town reject once!” now that they are competing at the highest level.

One such horse I’ve already mentioned is the beautiful bay Anthony Patch, now owned and ridden by Laine Ashker.  He was originally purchased for a whopping $500 through our very own trainer listings.  The person who bought him found he was a little much for her, and he ended up in Ms. Ashker’s hands shortly thereafter.  More details of his journey are at her blog, along with her personal thoughts on riding at Rolex again.

Not only did they complete Rolex, but they finished 14th out of the 37 to make it to showjumping (and 53 to start the competition).  He had no jumping penalties cross country and was the first to complete the showjumping with a double clear.  In fact, when we saw him come through the Hollow on XC, he looked like he was OWNING the course – ears pricked, confident, he dropped down the banks like a star.  In fact the only bobble I saw was a few tense moments in the dressage, which will only get better. 

We would like to congratulate Laine and Anthony Patch on a job very well done – she rode brilliantly and he will only get better having had this experience – I expect we have lots more to see from them in the future and I’m excited to watch. 

And to be a little self serving for a moment, I love to hear when a $500 track reject from Charles Town does phenomenally well on the world stage, as it gives me a chance to point out there’s a whole bunch more that people might be overlooking right now (a bad photo, or a low price convincing people there is something “wrong” with the horse – which, OK, in Anthony Patch’s case may have had something to do with temperament… but many of these guys are perfectly sweet!):

Like this guy, who is not only stunning but nicely bred for eventing (with a very negotiable price if he is still available).

Or this guy, who needs to be gelded but is VERY athletic and also with a very negotiable price (it says $2K but make an offer!)

Or this small, but very nicely put together and athletic filly (bred by the folks who bred Brandenburg’s Joshua)



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