Happy Happy!

So, ongoing rescue drama aside, things are going very well for the CANTER ponies 🙂

First, a bit of news I am VERY excited about – there is a new trainer joining the ranks who are working with CANTER horses.  He is down in NC and specializes in trail/pleasure type horses, and will be taking a horse at a time to work with and get ready for the real world.  The first horse going down will be the lovely Cecil, and I am so excited to see how he does!


This excited me mostly because as I’ve gotten to know Cecil, I’ve gotten to know he really wants a job.  He’s happy as can be out in his field getting muddy with his friends, but this is a horse who made quite a living out of going to work each and every day.  He gets excited when you pop a saddle on his back, and how many horses do that?  He’s just such a cool guy and I expect him to do great down there.  I admit I’ve also been a little bummed at the lack of interest in this horse – he’s really cool, and really good, and has a great personality.  I have the feeling this should lead to him finding a permanent home very quickly, which makes me happy.

The other fun stuff involves Mr. Archie, who is finally starting to look like a horse (hooray for rice bran pellets!!!!!).  I was sitting with some people at the barn, enjoying a little sip of boxed wine, when Laura popped her head in, leading Archie next to her.

She looked, for lack of a better word, “glowy.”  She was a little red and sweaty, but had this sort of glazed-over-with-happy expression on her face that left no doubt she had had an excellent ride.  Archie’s “go” button seems to have clicked.  She took him up to the top sand ring to get away from all the activity (lessons in the indoor, the small ring was really dusty, etc).  He apparently took a liking to it up there, and continued his recent progress by cantering multiple times around the ring, on both leads, doing simple changes across the diagonal, and just generally being awesome.

I’m not sure how the schedule looks for the weekend but we will try to get more pictures or video because he seems to be really happy right now.

It’s sort of fun, also, to see people getting so excited 🙂 Archie has been sort of pluggy and I think difficult for Laura to get going, so this was clearly a positive and big breakthrough, and I love seeing people so happy.  Then Archie rubbed on her arm and ripped her shirt. 




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