Cooling Down, and the Lighter Side

Truth be told I’m still pretty het up about yesterday.  As an update to that situation the former owner of the beast in question is getting things in order to make sure he’s brought home.  Hopefully he will be back home by Monday. 

In the meantime we are trying to track down several other horses we know went to this individual, though I expect we won’t find much.  There are a couple other names floating around – as it turns out the other Charles Town horse on that site may have gotten there through different channels – maybe not the same lady, but another (so many women doing this! Three of the names all involved in the most recent bunch of horses going where they shouldn’t are women. I have to say – at least the dealers who used to come to the track were honest, everybody knew what they were there for, and they weren’t parading disabled kids around as proof of their good intentions).

Ugh.  OK. Done with that (though I just got another phone call from the trainer involved and this just keeps getting better.)

In other and more fun news, Archie seems to FINALLY be letting go of his insane mess of winter hair.  When I got to the barn last night Laura rode him up to our, um, picnic area to say she had successfully achieved a walk-canter transition, which was excellent news.  I know I’ve done it before when he was still at Happy Horse Hill, but any indication that the “go” button is more installed is welcome to me.

We all meandered down to the ring to take a gander, and I have to say that even if it was from the trot Archie showed his best canter transition yet.  He didn’t keep it going the whole way around the ring but this is progress!  And with his crazy yak hair finally going – he’s starting to look cute!  He still has some more weight to gain, and will be going on lots more trail rides to strengthen up that hind end.  We’ll take new pictures again soon because I think in another week or two he’s going to look much rounder, and maybe even shiny 🙂

I apologize if this entry is disjointed, my phone has gone off five times since I started with different people involved in this thing with the horse up at the dealer lot.


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