More Evil People

Seems like we just did an entry on this.  Oh yeah, because we did!

In any case, once again my tendency to slack and peruse the interwebz may have been beneficial.  Today I was looking at listings from a “broker lot” on an area rescue’s website, where sometimes horses I know end up.  Happily motoring through the listings, I noted with a twinge of sadness a few TBs, cute fat little ponies that probably belonged once to happy little kids, and a couple of adorable donkeys and draft horses. 

For some reason the words “trace clip” caught my eye.  Huh.  I don’t know what prompted me to open the pic, the thumbnail was so small I could barely see anything interesting.  But I did.  And immediately my stomach dropped through the floor.  Not only did I know who it was, I had stopped and given that horse treats before.  And it had been listed as “sold” on our website literally a week before.  He was owned by one of the best people I know at the track, who always checked up on her horses and found them great homes.  Someone I knew would NEVER in a million years would send a horse up to a local auction known to have a lot of kill buyers and dealers.

So I called her up, and told her what I saw, and that I was 100% sure it was the same horse (the grooming job, the markings – he’s a distinctive horse).  She went through the roof.  The person who had taken this horse had showed up at the track one day with three kids.  She was looking for a sale prospect but convinced the trainer to let her take the free pony horse too – for the son to ride.  People knew the lady, and she passed all the basic sniff tests (this trainer is NOT naive or easily fooled). 

She took another horse the same day, from another trainer at the track.  Lo and behold, after searching a bit more, I noticed a familiar TB on the broker site, that I had taken a listing for some time ago, from the trainer this woman was getting the additional horse from that day.  That sounds way convoluted, but until we have this fully sorted out and the horses are safe I’m not naming names or posting pictures.  Basically, three horses were taken off the track that day (two from one trainer, one from the other), and two of them are currently on the rescue site as being, essentially, in danger of going to slaughter if they are not purchased this week.

Track management is notified, and this woman will be put on a list to be barred from the track.  Along with several others who do the same thing. 

We’re also keeping an eye on another auction, where horses from the original auction also tend to end up a lot – it’s possible the trainer’s other horse that was given to that “lady” may have ended up in the same pipeline.

I keep saying I’m surprised when people suck so very much.  But… the shock is wearing off.  Which I’m not sure is a good thing, as I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Arg.  I’m going home and hugging my horse and giving Archie extra food.


5 responses to “More Evil People

  1. Please shoot me an email at when you ARE able to post the whole story with names – I think someone needs to be VERY well known.

    Crossing my fingers the horses will be safe soon.

  2. If there were any horseycreatures in my life right now, I’d be trundling out to hug up on them and give them nommies. People just suck so much sometimes…

  3. Some people just ain’t no good.
    Thankfully, the ponies have you as their guardian angel. And kudos to the former owner as well!

  4. Good eye Kelly. Some people just bite it.

  5. Please keep me posted I frequent Sugarcreek Auction. If she can’t get them thru New Holland without getting caught. Sugarcreek is the next closest ‘pit of despair’. 90% of the horses brought there are dealer bought and of those the majority are landing in the slaughter pens via 2 of the counties largest killbuyers.

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