Weekend Plans

I’m really glad it’s going to be a nice, spring-like weekend, as there’s lots to do.

Saturday Morning:  We will be going to pick up a pretty bay filly and bring her to Rest and Relaxation Acres. She is a filly who was part of the urgent situation at Charles Town several months ago, and she’s been chilling on an area farm until we had room to bring her in.  I’m looking forward to meeting her as she seemed quite pretty in the photos.  She did have a small bow but reports from her current caretaker indicate that it was so small to begin with that she was pretty much sound enough to go out on turnout from day one (we had been expecting some need for stall rest). 

Saturday Afternoon:  First, showing Bid to a prospective buyer.  Of course, who knows how he’ll be given that he hasn’t been touched in a while.  He’s just cheeky enough to give me a hard time.  Hopefully if all goes well this will also translate into going on a trail ride – what better situation possible to make Omen’s first trail ride too?  Hopefully that will work well.

After that we’ll switch gears, head back to Damascus, and show Archie to a prospective buyer.  That definitely WILL involve a brief trail ride as well as ring ride.  That should be fun, provided my horse is over his sillies from the other day and not spooking every other step on the trail.  I may see if I can convince someone else to come with us – not for Archie but for my horse, hahah.

Sunday – back to Funny Farm for pics/vids day.  I have a specific goal but not sure I’ll meet it.  I need new conformation pictures of Minnie, Bid, Sister, and Leo, and riding videos of as many as I have energy to swing a leg over.  I really think the videos help, but it’s hard to do without a second (or third) set of hands to help.  We’ve also had lots of requests for videos of Sister, so I think that will be pretty important in terms of getting her into a new home.

If I have time, somewhere in there I need to ride Cecil too.  And Wek.  Come to think of it, maybe I need to bump Wek up on the priority list for videoing, as she’s a nice sweet mare who for some reason doesn’t get the same kind of interest as the other horses do.  But she’s like the mare version of Mikey – just a hoot to be around and in desperate need of attention.  The last time I rode her she was pretty good, too, much like Archie, “whoa” was her favorite gait that day. heh.

I foresee much walking up the giant hill tomorrow… good thing I ate so many carbs today.

I promise to do my level best to make sure we have new pictures also of Mikey 🙂


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